Wondering about career options for your major? Have a career path in mind but don't know what major to choose? Exploratory Advising offers tools and resources to help students choose a major that fits their skills, aptitudes, interests, and possible career aspirations.

Seeking a major that appears directly connected to a career seems like a logical starting point, but ultimately there is rarely a linear relationship between your major and your career. Select something that is of interest to you and engage in experiential learning opportunities while you are pursuing your degree to shape your career path.

Identify potential occupations associated with each major using the FOCUS2 "What can I do with a major in..." resource. Discuss the results with Exploratory Advising or Career Services.

Undergraduate Programs and Areas of Study

With over 110 degree programs among 9 colleges, UAH has a lot of degree options for students.

The UAH catalog contains detailed information about all of our programs of study. Select a major to learn more about the degree program and required coursework.

< 30%
of professionals are working in a field that's directly related to their major.

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