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UAH's Mathematical Sciences Department boasts nationally respected faculty, low class sizes and individualized learning, flexible course options, and a variety of specialities adaptable to numerous career plans.

Mathematicians continue to be in high demand in most areas of employment. There is a distinct need in government and industry for statisticians and applied mathematicians. Industry also has realized that the analytical training and logical mind of the mathematician are very beneficial in all areas of business life.

Mathematicians are employed in a wide range of careers in education, industry, and government. A large number of mathematicians have teaching and research jobs in educational institutions. In industry and government, mathematicians typically work with other scientists as part of a team, solving a variety of problems, such as translating mathematical problems into computational procedures, developing reasonable mathematical models to be used for predictions in economic and business situations, or designing mathematical models to predict the behavior of phenomena in a physical or a life science.

Mathematical Sciences, BS

Students will learn to communicate effectively, so they can interpret problems and present technical results to people with limited mathematics training.

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