Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) and Your Support

Our UAH family wants you to know that we are thinking of you and value the selfless love and generosity you have shown our students. Please enjoy this video, which highlights a few of our students and the impact donor giving has made on their lives.

The Strength of Your Support

Our worlds have changed dramatically over the past several months, yet perceptions and outcomes have been more greatly altered for some than others. For many of our students, the shift equates to delays or challenges in paying for food and rent; for others, it equates to uncertainties in their academic and professional futures.

To combat such unforeseen issues experienced by our students and aspiring workforce, UAH established both the SSAFE Fund and the UAH Last-Mile Fund. The SSAFE Fund provides personal emergency assistance in the form of rent, groceries, transportation, and other needs to students, staff, and faculty. The UAH Last-Mile Fund aids upper-level, degree-seeking undergraduate students with funding to cover academic-related expenses that could potentially hinder graduation.

Employment cuts, family financial setbacks, unpredictable medical expenses, and pandemic-related challenges - all of these predicaments can lead to students searching for relief to combat issues they never saw coming. Yet, without options like the SSAFE Fund, many of our students would have to choose between food and a roof over their heads or an education leading to a long-term career goal. We want to enable our students to satisfy present-day needs while realizing long-term ambitions.

Beginning this past spring, the UAH Last-Mile Fund assisted seven students, now spring 2020 graduates, to achieve their academic goals. Other students received a UAH Last-Mile Fund award while working toward their December 2020 graduation date. Students supported by the award represented various colleges across campus and showed both a strong commitment and passion for academic success. 

One such recipient, Ms. Danielle Jordi, is a future teacher and leader for our community. We’re excited to share her story with you now, and we look forward to many more stories, from the students she will impact, in the years to come. 

“Due to the generosity of Last-Mile Fund donors, I will be able to cover the remaining cost of tuition not covered by FAFSA. I cannot adequately describe how grateful I am for your help in this final step towards graduation. Thank you.”

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In honor of those who are working toward a degree or who have already earned a degree, I hope that you will choose to support one of these funds and aid future Chargers in pursuing their career aspirations. On behalf of our students, thank you for considering an investment in personal confidence, the power of knowledge, and the pursuit of a dream.

With warm regards,

Mallie S. Hale
Vice President for University Advancement

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Making an Impact through Giving

The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) works with alumni, friends, companies, and other organizations to provide support and funding through a variety of giving programs. These funds are not just donations or gifts, they are a valued investment in our students and community.

Through this type of funding, UAH is able to provide support to colleges, departments, programs, and scholarships that help make our faculty and student body unmatched. When contributing to UAH through giving, you become a partner and an integral part of that work.


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