Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) and Your Support

Our UAH family wants you to know that we are thinking of you and value the selfless love and generosity you have shown our students. Please enjoy this video, which highlights a few of our students and the impact donor giving has made on their lives.

Education has the Power to Transform

A quality education can break socioeconomic barriers and transform lives for the better, but in order for that to happen, students must graduate. Every year, for a variety of reasons, hard-working students face financial obstacles that threaten to derail their graduation plans. At UAH, that financial gap averages less than $1,800. Since its inception in 2019, the Last-Mile Fund has enabled 39 students to graduate on time. UAH’s Last-Mile Fund reduces those barriers, making it so students can graduate on time.

Hunter McClure lost his job due to the pandemic, and after contracting Covid-19, he struggled to pay the bills while continuing his studies. Despite making it to his final year as an undergraduate student, graduation seemed like a distant possibility. The Last-Mile Fund provided a much-needed lifeline, and because of its assistance, Hunter graduated on time, received a fellowship to work for First Things magazine in Manhattan, NY, and is now planning his wedding.

The Last-Mile Fund played no small part in getting me to this point; it was on the strength of an essay that I wrote in my last semester, when I was awarded the Fund, that I got hired at First Things.”

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Our students’ success nourishes our own; increased graduation rates raise national rankings and add prestige to all UAH degrees, and more qualified professionals grow economic prosperity in our region. I hope that you will choose to support the Last-Mile Fund and transform the lives of future Chargers. On behalf of our students, thank you for considering an investment in the power of knowledge and the pursuit of a dream.

With warm regards,

Mallie S. Hale
Vice President for University Advancement

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Making an Impact through Giving

The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) works with alumni, friends, companies, and other organizations to provide support and funding through a variety of giving programs. These funds are not just donations or gifts, they are a valued investment in our students and community.

Through this type of funding, UAH is able to provide support to colleges, departments, programs, and scholarships that help make our faculty and student body unmatched. When contributing to UAH through giving, you become a partner and an integral part of that work.


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