President’s Council

Each year, individuals and families who give $1,000 or more to The University of Alabama in Huntsville become members of the President’s Council. These members come together in pursuit of a common cause: to become part of making UAH a comprehensive, technological research-intensive university known for inspiring and instilling the spirit of discovery, the ability to solve problems, and a passion for improving the human condition – a university of choice where technology and human understanding converge.


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Corporate and Foundation Partners

Businesses and foundations that give $2,500 or more to UAH annually become members of the Corporate & Foundations Partners program.


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If your company is interested in the UAH Corporate and Foundation Partners program, please contact Katie Thurston at or 256.824.6042.

For our corporate partners, membership provides access to expertise and workforce opportunities key to many businesses, specifically including:

Research Collaboration

  • UAH’s status as a tier-one research university with some of the highest federally funded R&D expenditures in the state underscores the value we place on innovation. As a partner, your organization will be able to share in - and profit from – the scientific and industrial advances that are the inevitable result of collaboration. 

Workforce Enhancement

  • UAH’s wide range of continuing education classes and certificate programs are designed to keep business professionals up to date on the latest industry trends. As a partner, your organization’s workforce will be able to gain and maintain the competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s economy.

Student Employment Opportunities

UAH’s emphasis on real-world skills ensures that our graduates are fully prepared to enter the corporate world. As a partner, your organization will be able to grow its workforce with advanced access to these qualified candidates, many of whom already have professional experience through internships and co-op positions.



UAH also has a number of foundation partners whose giving priorities and interests match with the priorities and expertise of the University. When these foundation partners support our programs, they are able to fulfill their mission and value of their foundation.