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By including UAH in your will or estate plan, you will be able to make an enduring impact on the university while enjoying the other benefits of estate planning.

You will also be enrolled as a member of the Richardson Shaver Thrasher (RST) Society, named to honor the society's founders, Patrick W. Richardson, Charles E. Shaver Sr., and Tom Goodman Thrasher. The RST Society honors those who plan to invest in the future of UAH.

RST Society Members

  • Mr. Charles R. Benson
  • Dr. David Berkowitz
  • Dr. and Mrs. C. David Billings
  • Mr. F. Clark Boles
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Bosley
  • Dr. and Mrs. D. Royce Boyer
  • Mrs. Rebecca Brem
  • Mr. James Burnum
  • Dr. P. Samuel Campbell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Darnall
  • Dr. N. Jan Davis and The Honorable Dick H. Richardson III
  • Ms. Susan L. Douglass
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rod B. Duke
  • Mr. David J. Ellington
  • Dr. Dorla A. Evans
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bill Farnsworth
  • Mrs. Alice Halloway Shaver Hall
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Harper III
  • Ms. Dorcas S. Harris and Mr. Richard E. Reeves
  • Mrs. Julia M. Hawk
  • Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hendricks
  • Mr. and Mrs. JonPaul Herring
  • Mrs. Ralph H. (Ann) Higgins
  • Mr. Scott Hightower
  • Drs. Molly and David Johnson
  • Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Karr
  • Mr. David V. Mayo
  • Ms. Shannon D. McGarry
  • Dr. and Mrs. Samuel P. McManus
  • Mr. and Mrs. David E. Milly
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Mulkey
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Naumann
  • Dr. Yeow Chye Ng and Mr. Richard Mckay
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ron W. Poteat
  • Mr. Stanley E. Prevost and Mrs. Linda B. Wallace
  • Mrs. Minnie H. Rast
  • Mr. Mark Reavis and Mrs. Michelle Reavis
  • Dr. and Mrs. John L. Regner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reville
  • Dr. Marilyn Riley
  • Mr. J. Michael Segrest
  • Mr. and Mrs. John M. Shaver
  • Mrs. Katie W. Shaver
  • Drs. James and Janis Simpson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randy C. Siniard
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Sloan, Jr.
  • Dr. Ina Wilson Smith and Mr. Garrett Smith
  • Dr. and Mrs. James E. Smith, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Swain
  • Ms. Reba Taylor
  • Mr. and Mrs. John R. Troy
  • Dr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Walker
  • Mr. Malcolm Wood
  • Eight Anonymous Members


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