guests smiling and conversing with uah interim president dr. karr

Created in 1994, the President’s Council recognizes individuals and families who annually give extraordinary support to The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). Members of the President’s Council include our most dedicated supporters who value cultivating discovery, creativity, and civic responsibility through a high-quality education at UAH. Gifts of this level make UAH's vision a reality.

With your gift of $2,500 or more given during the calendar year, you become a member of the President's Council. Alumni who have received their first UAH degree within the last 5 years are eligible to join the President's Council as a member of The Scholars' Society with a gift of $1,000 or more.

Levels of Support

The President's Council is made up of donors who make leadership gifts of all sizes, making a huge impact on our students' lives, our campus, and our community as a whole. Qualifying gifts for each of the levels below are recognized whether the gift is made all at once or made over the course of the calendar year.

dr. karr shaking hands with a uah graduation during commencement

The Scholars’ Society

$1,000 - $2,499

The Scholar’s Society is made up of recent UAH graduates who received their first degree from UAH within the last five years. Gifts of this level allow students to focus on their studies, career-changing internships, or other extracurricular activities that contribute to their development and future success. It is the gift of time, peace of mind, and limitless possibilities.

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uah faculty lined up in attendance during uah commencement

The Faculty Roundtable

$2,500 - $9,999

Members of The Faculty Roundtable receive special development e-communications throughout the year, invitations to special events reserved for President's Council members, recognition on the President's Council webpage, and UAH Magazine by mail.

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uah faculty in conversation inside uah campus building

The Deans’ Circle

$10,000 - $24,999

Members of The Dean’s Circle receive an exclusive President’s Council lapel pin, development e-communications throughout the year, invitations to special events reserved for President's Council members, recognition on the President's Council webpage, and UAH Magazine by mail.

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dr. karr and guests chatting

The Executive Cabinet


Members at The Executive Cabinet level receive an invitation to an intimate coffee with Interim President of UAH, Charles L. Karr, and top tier donors as well as an exclusive President’s Council lapel pin, development e-communications throughout the year, invitations to special events reserved for President's Council members, recognition on the President's Council webpage, and UAH Magazine by mail.

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  • Mr. and Mrs. Terry Abel
  • Drs. Marsha and Phil Adams
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Altenkirch
  • Ms. Teresa Ames
  • Mr. Charles C. Anderson
  • Mr. Charles C. Anderson, Jr.
  • Ms. Diane C. Anderson
  • Mr. Harold M. Anderson
  • Mr. Terry Anderson
  • Drs. Amit Arora
  • Dr. and Mrs. Mulk Arora
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rahul Arora
  • Mr. and Mrs. Vivek Arora
  • Mr. William C. Bailey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Baron
  • Mr. and Mrs. Todd Barré
  • Dr. and Mrs. Marcus J. Bendickson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Bentley, Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Berinato
  • Dr. David Berkowitz Dr. and
  • Mrs. C. David Billings
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edwin W. Bleier, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. John D. Blue
  • Mr. F. Clark Boles
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bolte
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Bossard
  • Dr. and Mrs. D. Royce Boyer
  • Mr. Richard Jeter Bradshaw, Jr.
  • Dr. David S. Branham and Mrs. Cindi Cassis Branham
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Broadway
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brock
  • Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Brosemer, Jr.
  • Dr. Robin B. Buckelew
  • Dr. and Mrs. John E. Burnett
  • Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Cain
  • Dr. P. Samuel Campbell
  • Mr. and Ms. G. Daniel Case, Jr.
  • Mr. David A. Chan
  • Drs. Chia-Hwa "Tony" and Kathy Chan
  • Ms. Sue Chatham and Mr. Charlie Ross
  • Dr. Michelle K. Christensen Dr. and Mrs. T. J. Chung
  • Dr. and Mrs. Francisco J. Collazo
  • Mr. and Mrs. Francisco L. Collazo
  • Mr. and Mrs. S. Van Corum
  • The Honorable Robert E. Cramer, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Crosswhite
  • Mrs. Vella B. Dailey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Darnall
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Davis
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Diehl
  • Ms. Sophie Dimopoullos
  • Ms. Virginia B. Douglass
  • Mr. Lingze Duan and Ms. Yingji Wang
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rod B. Duke
  • Mr. and Mrs. William L. Edwards
  • Dr. Dorla A. Evans
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ed Faulkner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hans Finzel
  • Dr. and Mrs. Peter A. Finzel
  • Dr. and Mrs. Willie J. Fitzpatrick, Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. John D. Fix
  • Mr. Owen Franklin
  • Dr. Judy R. Franz
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Frederick, Jr.
  • Dr. Karen H. Frith
  • Dr. Rhonda K. Gaede and Mr. Glen Carl Long
  • Mrs. Eve Garriott
  • Dr. Larry R. Gerlach
  • Dr. and Mrs. Carl J. Gessler, Jr.
  • Mrs. Jean Glisson
  • Ms. Margaret Anne Goldsmith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Gradkowski
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ron W. Gray
  • Mrs. Linda Green and Mr. Randy Green
  • Drs. Jason and Michelle Greene
  • Ms. Betty R. Grisham
  • Mr. Jeff Gronberg
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jatinder Gupta
  • Mrs. Mallie Hale and Mr. James Hale
  • Dr. Sharon H. Harwell
  • Mrs. Julia M. Hawk
  • Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Heffelfinger
  • Mr. Bill Henderson
  • Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hendricks
  • Mr. and Mrs. JonPaul Herring
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hesterberg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brad Hill
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Hill
  • Dr. Keith Hollingsworth
  • Mr. and Mrs. John G. Howell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hudson
  • Ms. Hertha H. Hughes
  • Huntsville Literary Association
  • Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Hutchens
  • IEEE Huntsville Section
  • Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
  • International Test and Evaluation Association
  • Dr. Robert E. James
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dale T. Jobes
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Johnston
  • Mr. and Mrs. William H. Johnston, Jr.
  • Mrs. Libby Jones
  • Junior League of Huntsville
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew N. Kattos
  • Dr. and Mrs. Zaheer A. Khan
  • Ms. Patricia Kiley
  • Ms. Shelbie J. King
  • Mr. Michael A. Kirkpatrick
  • Mr. Derek A. Koehl
  • Ms. Elissa T. Kramer
  • Ms. Donna C. Lamb and Dr. Donald W. Bowyer
  • Mrs. Esther Lancaster
  • Dr. Sean Lane
  • Mrs. R. H. Latham
  • Mrs. Ginny Leahy
  • Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lindberg
  • Ms. Judith L. Link
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tony T. Liu
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Lowe
  • Dr. Shankar Mahalingam and Dr. Brinda Mahalingam
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. Davis Malone III
  • Mr. Djakhangir K. Mamadjanov
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mayes
  • Mr. and Mrs. George F. McCanless, Jr.
  • Ms. Angela Gunderman McCarter
  • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. McCauley
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark McDaniel
  • Mrs. Jane McDonald
  • Ms. Shirley McDonald
  • Ms. Caroline McLain
  • Ms. Geraldine P. McLain
  • Dr. and Mrs. Samuel P. McManus
  • Mr. and Mrs. James W. Meadlock
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Mercer, Jr.
  • Mr. Mike J. Mignone
  • Mr. and Mrs. David E. Milly
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Monger
  • Ms. Anita J. Moquin
  • Ms. Deborah Morris
  • Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm J. Morrison
  • Major General James R. Myles, USA, Ret. and Mrs. Alice Myles
  • National Defense Industrial Association
  • The National Space Club
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Naumann
  • Dr. Yeow Chye Ng and Mr. Richard Mckay
  • Mrs. Susan Nichols
  • Ms. Bobbie O'Farrell
  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Partnership for Biotechnology Research, Inc.
  • Drs. Ravi and Nainika Patnayakuni
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hank W. Pearce, Jr.
  • Ms. Bonnie C. Pearson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pinner
  • Mr. D. Frank Pitts
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ron W. Poteat
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dawson W. Pratt
  • Mr. Stanley E. Prevost and Mrs. Linda B. Wallace
  • Dr. David Puleo
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ted T. Randolph
  • Mrs. Minnie H. Rast
  • Mr. Mark Reavis and Mrs. Michelle Reavis
  • Dr. Donna Reed and Mr. Jimmy Reed
  • Dr. Daniel J. Reiley
  • Mr. Henry V. Rhodes
  • Dr. Marilyn Riley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Ritch
  • Rocket City PAC
  • Mr. and Mrs. S. Dagnal Rowe
  • Mr. Pat Ryan
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Sanders, Jr.
  • Dr. Gurmej S. Sandhu
  • Ms. Teena-Ann Sankoorikal
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gene Sapp
  • Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Schumacher
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Schweinsberg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Scruggs
  • Mr. J. Michael Segrest
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Simmons
  • Drs. James and Janis Simpson
  • Mr. Sameer Singhal
  • Ms. Beth Sippel and Mr. David Sippel
  • Dr. Cade A. Smith
  • Ms. Delois H. Smith and Mr. Edward D. Smith
  • Dr. Ina Wilson Smith and Mr. Garrett Smith
  • Dr. and Mrs. James E. Smith, Jr.
  • Ms. Jan Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ken J. Smith
  • Mrs. Linda J. Smith
  • The Honorable Loretta Spencer
  • Mrs. Sally C. Spencer
  • Mr. Eric St. John
  • Mr. Finis E. St. John IV
  • Dr. Christina Steidl
  • Mr. Neil Martin and Dr. Jessica Steinkampf
  • Dr. Rainer Steinwandt and Ms. Leigh Remy
  • Mr. William F. Stiers
  • Mr. and Mrs. Vincent E. Stuedeman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jesse P. Stutts
  • Ms. Judy K. Teague
  • Ms. Jean Templeton
  • Dr. and Mrs. L. Dale Thomas
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Thornton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tim V. Thornton
  • Mrs. Charles O. Trotter
  • Mr. and Mrs. John R. Troy
  • Dr. Jimmy S. Tu
  • Mrs. Irma L. Tuder and Mr. Jack R. Tuder
  • The United Way of Madison County
  • The University Women's Club
  • Mr. and Mrs. Clay Vandiver
  • Von Braun Center for Science & Innovation Inc.
  • Ms. Millie Waldrop
  • Ms. Janet M. Waller and Mr. David D. Waller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wank
  • Dr. and Mrs. Louis B. Weiner
  • Mr. August C. Weisler, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. Weldon Wilson
  • Women in Defense
  • Mr. and Mrs. John R. Wynn
  • Dr. and Mrs. Neirong Xiao
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Young
  • Mr. Louis Zanaty
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Zelnak
  • Six Anonymous Donors