Advancing through Adversity

Kayla Smith

Kayla talks about her scholarship, education, and why she chose UAH.

A message from Mallie Hale, Interim Vice President for University Advancement.

On behalf of all of us at UAH, I extend our love and best wishes to everyone in our UAH Family. Right now our society is experiencing unparalleled challenges, prolonged uncertainty, and rapid changes in response to COVID-19. As an educational institution, our goal is to teach, research, learn, and explore, albeit in increasingly innovative ways, to meet the needs of our students, regardless of the environment or setbacks we face. As we see our UAH Family hard at work developing vital engineering infrastructure or business improvements in today's economy, providing expert hospital care when it is needed most, or teaching our children with passion and compassion during a stressful and scary time, we are inspired to do more of the same and remain ever committed to our mission.

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to meet a wonderful and inspiring student here at UAH. Though circumstances in our world have changed, her message and her story remain the same. Her community and its support made her education possible at UAH. As the upcoming days and weeks go by, I hope we all can look to our neighbors and support each other just like we always have. Our UAH Family is smart, strong, and compassionate, and I know we will get through this together.

Mallie Hale
Interim Vice President for University Advancement

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