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Individual Giving

Your support is vital to UAH's mission of becoming a premier research university capable of supporting – and growing – the surrounding high-tech community. So whether you are an alumnus, friend, or interested community member, we encourage you to make a gift to UAH to help us continue to reach our goals.

To learn more about our areas of greatest need, or to take a closer look at UAH's naming opportunities, please visit our UAH Priorities page. You can also give online now or contact the Office of Advancement to make a pledge.

Employer Matching Gifts

Your employer may sponsor a matching gift program that will match, double, or in some instances, more than double your gift to the UAH Foundation. Some companies also match gifts made by spouses, retirees, or board members. Please contact your benefits department to find out if your company has a matching gift policy.

Please follow the online instructions provided by your employer or print matching gift forms and send to:

The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Office of Development
Attn: Lisa Andrews
Shelbie King Hall 316A
Huntsville AL 35899

Corporate matching gifts are directed to the same designation as your gift, unless your employer stipulates otherwise. If you have questions or need more information about matching gifts, contact Lisa Bevis at or 256-824-2105. Thank you for multiplying the impact of your gift to the UAH Foundation.

UAH Phonathon

UAH Phonathon
Michael Mercier | UAH

The Phonathon is an important tool in UAH's fundraising toolbox. Money raised from the twice-annual event – held January through April and August through November – goes to support student scholarships, student research collaborations with faculty, campus speakers, student stipends for study-abroad opportunities, athletics, and more. Donors can also opt to designate their gift to a specific college or department, or to the President's Excellent Fund, which provides support to those areas of greatest need.

But while fundraising is an important goal, it's not the only one! Current students – and not anonymous third-party callers – staff the Phonathon, enabling alumni and community members to engage in meaningful conversation over shared experiences. It's also a great opportunity for networking, because it brings together both potential employers and soon-to-be members of the professional workforce.

If you have questions or need more information about the Phonathon, please let us know! Contact Jennifer Brost, Director of Annual Giving & Research, at or 256.824.6853.

Did you know...

Giving by credit card can save time and money for both you and the university, making your gift twice as valuable!

Planned Giving

RST Society

The Richardson Shaver Thrasher (RST) Society

Michael Mercier | UAH

Your UAH degree was an investment in your future and a planned gift to UAH would be an investment in the future of UAH, which has a central role in the development of our high tech community.

By including UAH in your will or estate plan, you will be able to make an enduring impact on the university while enjoying the other benefits of estate planning.

You will also be enrolled as a member of the Richardson Shaver Thrasher (RST) Society, named to honor the society's founders, Patrick W. Richardson, Charles E. Shaver Sr., and Tom Goodman Thrasher. The RST Society honors those who plan to invest in the future of UAH.

Please contact 256.824.4123 for more information.

Richardson Shaver Thrasher (RST) Society

  • Mr. Charles R. Benson
  • Dr. and Mrs. C. David Billings
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Bosley
  • Dr. and Ms. D. Royce Boyer
  • Mrs. Rebecca Brem
  • Mr. and Ms. James Burnum
  • Dr. P. Samuel Campbell
  • Dr. N. Jan Davis and The Honorable Schuyler H. Richardson III
  • Ms. Susan L. Douglass
  • Mr. David J. Ellington
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Harper III
  • Ms. Dorcas S. Harris and Mr. Richard E. Reeves
  • Mrs. Julia M. Hawk
  • Mr. and Mrs. John S. Hendricks
  • Mrs. Ralph H. (Ann) Higgins
  • Drs. Molly and David Johnson
  • Ms. Carey A. Link
  • Mr. David V. Mayo
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Mulkey
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Naumann
  • Dr. Yeow Chye Ng and Mr. Richard McKay
  • Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Nichols
  • Mrs. Minnie H. Rast
  • Mr. Mark Reavis and Mrs. Michelle Reavis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reville
  • Ms. Valerie G. Seaquist and Mr. James J. Seaquist
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Segrest
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Shaver, Jr.
  • Mr. John M. Shaver
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randy C. Siniard
  • Dr. and Mrs. James E. Smith, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Swain
  • Ms. Reba Taylor
  • Mrs. Elisabeth W. Whitten
  • Three anonymous donors

Corporate and Foundation Giving and Partnership Opportunities

UAH President’s Corporate and Foundation Partners

For our corporate partners, membership provides access to expertise and workforce opportunities key to many businesses, specifically including:

  • Student Employment Opportunities

    UAH’s emphasis on real-world skills ensures that our graduates are fully prepared to enter the corporate world. As a partner, your organization will be able to grow its workforce with advanced access to these qualified candidates, many of whom already have professional experience through internships and co-op positions.
  • Research Collaboration

    UAH’s status as a tier-one research university with some of the highest federally funded R&D expenditures in the state underscores the value we place on innovation. As a partner, your organization will be able to share in - and profit from – the scientific and industrial advances that are the inevitable result of collaboration.
  • Workforce Enhancement

    UAH’s wide range of continuing education classes and certificate programs are designed to keep business professionals up to date on the latest industry trends. As a partner, your organization’s work force will be able to gain and maintain the competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s economy.

    UAH also has a number of foundation partners whose giving priorities and interests match with the priorities and expertise of the University. When these foundation partners support our programs, they are able to fulfill their mission and value of their foundation.

If your company is interested in the UAH President's Corporate and Foundation Partners program, please contact Katie Thurston at or 256.824.6042.

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