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Welcome to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) offers students the opportunity to pursue a variety of programs under a common departmental structure. The Department has evolved over time to reflect the growth in technical knowledge and its application to problems of social concern. The Department offers four areas of concentration or stems:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • General Civil Engineering

The coursework in each of these stems comes from four major civil engineering discipline areas. These stems allow the student to pursue individual areas of specialization by selecting sequences of technical electives.

The Civil Engineering Program at The University of Alabama in Huntsville encourages the development of an engineer equipped to compete nationally and prepares students to become registered professional engineers.


img 0409 2022 coe overall award puchner


Congratulations to Sarah Puchner who was named the Engineering Student of the year!

Sarah is from Monroeville, AL.  She chose UAH because it is known for its engineering program and is located in an area with a large industry presence with a close knit student community. Regarding her major, Sarah notes, “Civil engineering is a broad degree that encompasses several different fields and allows for numerous possibilities My concentration, structural engineering, allows me to be involved in the design and construction process of buildings and structures that will become apart of the community.”

Sarah has held an internship position at Miller & Miller where she performed structural analysis for bridge form work submittals and created shop drawings She is currently a Structural Engineering Intern at LYBD Engineers where she has had the opportunity to learn structural design for industrial steel structures, develop wind and seismic loads, review delegated design submittals and be involved in numerous projects.

Sarah has performed undergraduate research in the UAH Resilient Civil Infrastructure Systems (RCIS) Lab and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) - Lunar Regolith Concrete Samples Testing under CE Professor, Dr. Abdullahi Salman and MAE Professor, Dr. Judith Schneider; as well as an UAH RCEU Program, studying Pervious Concrete as an Engineered Sand Filter under the direction of former CE Professor, Dr. Hongyu Zhou.

Sarah was inducted into the Tau Beta Pi Honor Society.  She has been an active member and leader of the UAH American Society of Civil Engineers serving as President, Vice President, and Concrete Canoe Co-chair.  She also is a member of the UAH Society of Women Engineers.

She was awarded 2020-21 Dr. Daniel D. Turner Student Civil Engineer of the Year for the Alabama ASCE and the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Congress Student Scholarship

After gradutation, Sarah plans to attend graduate school at the University of California Berkeley for Structural Engineering.

Honors College Fellowship Advisor, Jennifer Staton notes, “I first met Sarah when I volunteered as a guest lecturer for HON 201. During a conversation we had in the parking lot after my guest lecture, I remember thinking how remarkable of a student she was. I honestly believe I have one of the best jobs at UAH because I get to know and assist amazing students like Sarah, and I wish her the best of luck in her graduate school endeavors.”

CEE Professor, Dr. Salman notes, “Sarah embodies our core value of working hard and being tireless in the pursuit of goals and achieving outcomes of the highest quality. She is destined to do great things in her life. She will be one of the best UAH has produced and will continue to be a source of pride for our department and UAH.”