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Welcome to the Department of Political Science

According to the Princeton Review, "political science majors develop excellent critical thinking and communication skills," which makes Political Science one of the "top 10 college majors" in the country!  

The academic discipline of Political Science introduces students to the study of government, politics, policies, and the state, with subfields in political theory and philosophy, international relations, foreign governments and comparative politics, public law, research methods, public policy, and American politics. It challenges you to explore fundamental questions of governance: How should state and society be organized? How do the values of civil society and economy influence political thinking? Who should exercise political power and who should not? What constitutes justice?

As a student in Political Science classes, you'll gain not only a deeper understanding of the dynamics and processes of governance, policymaking, and world events, but also the analytical skills essential to long-term success, including thinking critically and synthetically, conducting thorough investigations, and communicating effectively. The result? You'll be prepared for a vibrant and rewarding career in any field, from law and governance to business and academia.