For undergraduates, the Computer Science department offers a B.S. degree in Computer Science 

  • An Entertainment Computing Concentration (Gaming and Entertainment Computing) is available

  • An Intensive Cybersecurity Schedule allows students interested in that area to be fully informed

Course Requirements for a B.S. Degree in Computer Science

The minimum number of hours required for a B.S. degree with a major in computer science is 128 distributed as shown below. AP credit may be used to replace certain required courses.

General Education Requirements (Areas I-V)

Area I: English Composition 6 hrs.

Area II: Literature, Fine Arts, Humanities.
Must include CM 113 and at least one literature 12 hrs.

Area III: Natural Science and Mathematics 11-12 hrs.
One course in mathematics (MA 112 or higher)
One of the following laboratory science sequences: PH111/114L-112/115L; CH 121/125L-23/126L; BYS119-120

Area IV: History, Social and Behavioral Sciences 12 hrs.
Must include at least one history; no more than 6 hours in one discipline

Area V: Preprofessional and Elective Courses 13-15 hrs.
Must include CS 102 (or equivalent), EH 301, a 4-hour laboratory science**, and electives, including MA 113 if required by placement.

* Math and computer science courses from the major and minor may also be used to satisfy general education requirements, but the hours cannot be counted twice.

** For Computer Science, laboratory science courses must be chosen from courses that can be applied toward a major in the department where they are taught. For further information about distribution requirements and specific courses that satisfy the categories above, see the College of Science General Education Requirements in the catalog.

Computer Science Major

CS Core:
CS 105, 121, 214, 221, 309, 317, 321, 413, 424, 490, 499--- 31 hrs.

CS Electives:
9 hours at 300-level or above, 6 hours at 400- level or above--- 15 hrs.

Required Mathematics:
MA171, 172, 244, 385, and one 200 level or above elective --- 18 hrs.

Technical Elective:
Any 300-level (or above) course from the College of Science, or from a list available in the CS Department--- 3 hrs.

General Electives:
To bring the total number of hrs. to 128

Total Hours in Program--- 128 hrs.

Computer Science Minors
The department offers two minors that are described below. The request for a minor should be initiated in the student’s major department.

Computer Science Minor
(Suitable for students with a major in a technical field):

CS 105, 121, 214, 221, 317, 321 and two CS electives,* one at the 300-level or higher and one at the 400-level or higher. Select CS 309,413 and 490 as electives, if considering seeking M.S. in computer science.

Computer Languages and Systems Minor
(Suitable for students with non-technical majors and minimal mathematics background):

CS 102, 105, 121, 221, 321 and three CS electives,* two at the 300-level or higher and one at the 400-level or higher.
*Students must observe prerequisites when choosing elective courses.


Intensive Schedule of Cybersecurity Courses

CS students interested in Cybersecurity should take 12 credit hours, as computer science and technical elective courses, selected as follows: at least 9 hours taken from Group A below, and the remaining credit hours, if any, from Group B below.  :

Group A:

CS 465 Network Security

CS 470 Introduction to Computer Networks

CS 480 Mobile Digital Forensics

CS 485 Computer and Software Security

Group B:

CS 454 Introduction to Cloud Computing

CS 453 Client/Server Architectures  (Web Programming and Middleware)

CS 487 Database Systems

IS 401 Survey of Information Assurance


Entertainment Computing Concentration  (Gaming and Entertainment Computing)

Entertainment Computing Concentration Required courses:

CS 143   Intro to Technology for Multimedia & Gaming I

Select CS 330   Artificial Intelligence for Games & Simulation 

       or CS 347  Introduction to Video Game Design and Programming

CS 371   Mobile Computing Apps

CS 445   Introduction to Computer Graphics

CS 446   Advanced Computer Graphics 

CS 447   Game Engines and Level Development

Dramatic Media Elements (choose 2 courses):

ARS 230 Graphic Design: Introduction 

ARS 250 Photography: Introduction 

ARS 321 Animation: Modeling I 

ARS 322 Animation: Character Animation I

ARS 324 Animation: Technical Arts I 

ARS 350 Photography: Digital I

ARS 355 Photography: Documentary I 

ARS 334 Graphic Design: Web User Experience I

ARS 393 Multimedia I

MU 106 Intro to Music Technology

MU 306 Music Technology 

CM 340 Special Topics in Comm Arts 

EH 410 Fiction Writing

TH 225 Elements of Theatre Production