The Global Studies Program fosters a multi- and interdisciplinary exploration of global issues and the processes associated with the mobility of people, cultures, capital, materials, and ideas. The program provides students with the analytical tools to examine the complexities of global issues and relationships from a variety of perspectives.

The Program features the multi- and interdisciplinary Global Studies minor which is designed around a core of courses that provide a strong foundation in Global Studies, while also allowing students the choice of electives to tailor the course of study to their individual needs and interests.

The program also works with the Department of World Languages and Cultures to offer two certificate degree programs, the Foreign Language and Global Engagement certificate degree and the Global Professional Pathways certificate degree.

Please click on degree options in the menu to find out more about the Global Studies minor and the two certificate degree programs. 

If you are interested in the Global Studies Minor or one or both of the certificate degree options, please contact Dr. David Johnson at or (256) 824-6288.

You can also join the UAH Global Studies Facebook page which provides valuable information about upcoming events and links to news items about global issues. 

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