Finance careers vary widely in today's complex, global economy. Among their many options, finance graduates find careers in banking, investments, corporate finance, and federal contract management. Graduates might help investment clients develop and monitor personal or corporate investment portfolios, manage a bank office and all its personnel, make multi-million dollar loans to corporations, take a private firm public so its stock can be traded on stock exchanges, or manage the budget of a multi-billion dollar federal project. The finance curriculum gives graduates the modern analytic principles of the discipline that prepare them to function in a wide variety of settings.

Finance Academy

The Finance Academy is a sequence of three one-credit hands-on courses, in which students work together on projects in an “open discovery” environment. Students will get practical experience managing an actual investment portfolio, the Chan Fund. All three courses will also contain activities to learn and develop critical skills like professionalism, public speaking, and teamwork. Classes will meet in our brand-new Finance Lab, and are open to Finance, Economics, and Accounting majors and minors looking to dive into investment and portfolio management.


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