Students from colleges other than Business may want to augment the coursework from their degree program with a minor in a business-related area. The minor consists of at least 18 semester hours, but not more than 30 semester hours, in subjects available in the College of Business. Students electing a minor may use the courses completed in their general education requirements as part of the required hours in a minor. For example, the minors in business count ECN 142 and 143 in the general education requirement and not in the 30 semester hour maximum in the College.

Note: Students in the College of Business may choose economics as a minor but may not select any of the other minors in business.

The approved business minors are shown below. The minor program must have the approval of an undergraduate advisor, Room 102, Business Administration Building, 256.824.6024.

Human Resource Management
International Business
Management & Leadership
Pre-Law Business