Students from colleges other than Business may want to augment the coursework from their degree program with a minor in a business-related area. The minor consists of at least 18 semester hours, but not more than 30 semester hours, in subjects available in the College of Business. Students electing a minor may use the courses completed in their general education requirements as part of the required hours in a minor. For example, the minors in business count ECN 142 and 143 in the general education requirement and not in the 30 semester hour maximum in the College.

The approved business minors are shown below. The minor program must have the approval of an undergraduate advisor, Room 102, Business Administration Building, 256.824.6024.

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focuses on understanding financial statements, accounting functions like cost accounting and auditing, and individual and small business taxes. It is a useful complement to any major for those interested in financial record-keeping, regulations, reporting, and taxes.

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is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge necessary to identify meaningful patterns in business data, understand cause and effect, and help organizations reduce risk, make better decisions, and secure a competitive advantage

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explores broad patterns and trends, markets and industries, as well as strategic thinking and policy analysis. It is easy to combine with any UAH major – it’s only four additional courses if you select Principles of Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics in Charger Foundations.

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is a practicum-based minor designed for students from any discipline who are interested in launching their own business. Apply technologies, ideas, and experiences from your own major toward developing your business plan.

UAH’s Invention to Innovation Center (I²C), which is colocated with the Business Administration Building, offers programs and activities to encourage collaboration and innovation among tech startups in the region.

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Information Systems

is designed to provide students in any major with the base knowledge of information technology they need to add in-demand technical skills to any major. It provides students with the flexibility to design their minor to match their interests in other business areas.

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teaches the modern analytic principles of finance applicable to a career in banking, insurance, and more. For science and engineering majors, a finance minor combined with your mathematical skills can be excellent preparation for a career in quantitative and analytical finance.

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Human Resource Management

focuses on people – specifically, making sure an organization hires the right people, in the right numbers, at the right time. A minor in human resource management will help you understand hiring, compensation, training, promotions, and benefits processes and decisions.

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Management & Leadership

will help you become a better leader and enable you to position yourself and your future organization for success. It is designed to help graduates acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in a managerial role.

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provides an understanding of customers and buyer behavior with regard to developing new products and brands, developing a distribution strategy, and managing branding and promotional campaigns, including using social media.