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Welcome to UAH's Industrial & Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Department. We're an ABET-accredited program producing world-class ISE professionals; our graduates are well equipped with engineering science tools that make them effective contributors in a wide array of industries. Graduates will be prepared to devise efficient integrated organizational or production systems through in-depth instruction incorporating analytical, computational, and experimental practices.

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What do Industrial and Systems Engineers do?

Industrial and System Engineering

Industrial and Systems Engineers influence outcomes. They improve processes and cut wastefulness in integrated systems that include people, information, materials, machines, and energy.

Industrial and Systems Engineers develop sustainable concepts and systems that streamline operations and improve safety in an organization's drive to create products or provide a service. Their contributions help a company meet project and profitability goals.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, average median pay for an Industrial Engineer is $81,490 per year. See career prospects

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