Watch the following video to learn more about the Music Department from alumna, Meg Jones.

Welcome to the Department of Music at UAH

UAH Department of Music enables all students, regardless of major, to pursue the art and beauty of music while honing the interpersonal and communication skills vital to every career.

Noted for quality instruction by nationally and internationally renowned faculty, and an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music, the Department offers eight music programs, performance ensembles, and over 150 music performances each year. So whether you are a current or prospective student, a curious amateur musician, or a community appreciator of music, let your voice be heard at UAH.

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2020 Audition Dates  

February 2, February 11, March 7, March 10

For information on application and scholarship registration, go here.

Questions?  Call 256-824-6436 or email Shannon Womack


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