Welcome to the Communication Arts Department at UAH

UAH's Communication Arts program provides students with practical, critical, historical, and theoretical perspectives on human communication, preparing them for work, for social life, and for further academic studies. In addition to the sphere of the public speaker, we discuss areas of one-on-one (interpersonal) communication, small-group communication, communication in organizations, and mass communication. Gaining an understanding of the influence of media on communication, the various functions served by communication, and how people are persuaded are just a few of the many theoretical principles our students learn. Our program is designed for students who can write, speak, think, analyze, and imagine, and our classes enhance all of those skills.


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Cody Jones

Graduate, Communication Arts

A really unique program to be a part of. Graduating from UAH is probably the biggest factor in having this amazing opportunity. Huntsville is a technology town and a growing community where a lot of opportunities exist that you may not have in other locations...