Philosophy class

Welcome to UAH's Department of Philosophy

Our goal is to educate our students in the critical reasoning and imaginative thinking skills central to philosophy, as well as to introduce them to the history of both the Eastern and Western philosophical traditions.

Through the study of philosophy, our students learn how to:

  • Articulate ideas intrinsic to humanity, evaluate them, and propose and defend alternatives
  • Examine influential historical and contemporary positions on these ideas and the questions they raise
  • Acquire and refine the skills necessary to address them responsibly
  • Develop their ability to think creatively and critically as well as communicate clearly
  • Nurture a respect for knowledge and the pursuit of truth
  • Engage in the challenge and pleasure of a lifetime of learning

The culmination is a versatile, well-rounded educational foundation that prepares graduates for a rewarding, successful career in almost any field, including law, medicine, business, and government.



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Hear from faculty members in the department about how a degree in philosophy can lead to significant professional and personal advantages.