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Danielle Curet

Undergraduate Student in Economics

Danielle Curet Talks about the Economics Program at UAH

In the last two decades, the economics discipline has changed; we recognize that our daily existence is more complicated than traditionally thought. There is an interconnectedness in our decision making, bounds on our cognition and rationality, overwhelming levels of information and stochastic shocks to our economy that create system complexity. In short, our world is more human than the economic tradition. The Economics and Computational Analysis degree program introduces students to advances in economic analysis that allow us to incorporate that system complexity into our decision making.

The B.S. in Economics and Computational Analysis is a comprehensive 4-year program that gives students a broad understanding of economic activities and specific quantitative skills to rigorously analyze economic, social, business, and/or public policy issues. The degree program incorporates a minor (or double major) in a framing discipline that both broadens and deepens the students' knowledge and understanding.

Economics Faculty

For additional information about the Economics program at the UAH College of Business, please call or contact:

Dr. Allen Wilhite
Phone: 256.824.6590

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