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Students standing in front of ancient ruins in Mexico
Stone wall with archways
photo of a city in France taken from atop a high structure
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Welcome to UAH’s Department of World Languages and Cultures

Language skills and cultural competency provide significant advantages for students preparing for today’s global and competitive professional marketplace. That’s why we offer degree programs in some of the world’s most recognized languages – French, German, Russian, and Spanish – as well as courses in Arabic and Japanese. Graduates of our programs leave UAH not only with strong language skills, but with a deeper understanding of cultures beyond their own, enabling them to contribute more fully as global citizens.

Whether you are interested in a major, minor, certificate, or just a few courses, we have options to fit your academic and career goals. Watch the video below to hear from some of our students about where their language studies are taking them, and explore the links to find out more about how you can combine world languages with your interests, whether through our Foreign Language and International Trade degree, teacher certification, or a combination of language study with other fields. Business, health, science, engineering . . . the possibilities are endless.


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Alumni Spotlight

Salome Saliashvili '13

BA Spanish

Financial Analyst - Social Tables

"...The internship opportunities I had were crucial... Every semester I did something, so I think I learned a lot. I had a great experience."