Certificate in Foreign Language and Global Engagement

The Certificate in Foreign Language and Global Engagement is available in French, German, Russian, and Spanish. It may also be available in Japanese and Arabic depending on current course offerings. All coursework must be completed in a single language.

The Certificate is designed to provide students with an intermediate proficiency in their chosen language and the ability to communicate effectively in both casual and professional settings. Students who successfully complete the certification program will also gain a basic knowledge of the cultural, economic, political, and historical ramifications of globalization.

Certificate Requirements (18 credits)*

  • FL101 Introductory Foreign Language I
  • FL102 Introductory Foreign Language II
  • FL201 Intermediate Foreign Language I
  • FL202 Intermediate Foreign Language II
  • FL301 Conversation
  • GS200 Global Systems and Cultures

* Students must earn a grade of B (or higher) in each course to successfully complete the certification program.

Native speakers of a world language cannot pursue the Certificate in their own language, but are encouraged to pursue the Certificate in one of the other languages available. Since the Certificate is not a Major/Minor, it does not presuppose GER courses or any other coursework prior to the Certificate sequence. Therefore, it can also be earned as a post-Baccalaureate certificate. Standard UAH admission procedures for degree-seeking students apply.

For more information contact Dr. David Johnson

Other Courses

Arabic and Japanese

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers a growing program of introductory and intermediate courses in Arabic and Japanese. The Certificate in Foreign Language and Global Engagement may be available in these languages depending on current course offerings. Some students also go on to complete a certificate through study abroad programs in their language of choice. If you are interested in pursuing a certificate in Arabic or Japanese, contact our department to find out more.

WLC 204: International Cinema

International Cinema is a requirement for world languages and FLIT majors, but it is also a popular humanities elective for students across the UAH campus. The course is taught in English and includes films from our four major languages —- French, German, Russian, and Spanish —- as well as films from non-Western cultures all over the world, including Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Various world languages faculty members teach the course and bring to it their own expertise and thematic approaches. Recent course themes include gender and sexuality, the Other, and memory, mourning, and desire. WLC 204 is available during the academic year in a traditional course format, and online during the 10-week summer session. Contact our department to find out more.

WLC 199S: Introduction to Medical Spanish

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers a one-semester Introduction to Medical Spanish course to serve nursing and pre-health students as well as language students who are interested in working in interpretation and translation. The course has no prerequisites and is open to students from the novice level through the intermediate level (WLC 202S). Students in the course receive a foundation in basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary and learn to complete tasks associated with routine medical care: collecting personal information and medical history, asking about patient complaints and symptoms, conducting a physical exam, and giving medication instructions and health-related advice. Contact Dr. Leslie M. Kaiura for more information.