Dr. Leslie Maxwell Kaiura

WLC Chair, Associate Professor, World Languages and Cultures Department


Dr. Leslie Maxwell Kaiura, originally from Cairo, Georgia, holds degrees from Columbus State University in Georgia (B.A. in English Language and Literature, 2000), Auburn University (M.A. in Spanish Language and Literature, 2003), and University of Virginia (Ph.D. in Spanish Language and Literature, 2008). Her areas of specialization are 19th and early 20th-Century Spanish literature and culture, with an emphasis on gender ideology, violence against women, law, and journalism. Dr. Kaiura has traveled and studied in Mexico and Spain and has nearly 20 years of teaching experience. She teaches language, literature, and culture courses and also has a special interest in teaching medical Spanish. In addition, she is active with the Women’s and Gender Studies program and has developed an international cinema course focused around the themes of culture, gender, and sexuality.

Dr. Kaiura has presented her research and pedagogical work many conferences, and she has also published five articles and two book chapters that explore themes such as gender ideology and gendered violence in the works of authors such as Patrocinio de Biedma, Fernán Caballero, Carmen de Burgos, and Rafael López de Haro. These articles have been featured in the journals Stichomythia: Revista de Teatro Contempáraneo [Journal of Contemporary Theater], Decimonónica: Journal of Nineteenth-Century Hispanic Cultural Production, the Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies, Hispanet Journal, and the MIFLC Review. Her book chapters have appeared in the volumes Kiosk Literature in Silver Age Spain: Modernity and Mass Culture and Mito e historia en la televisión y el cine español [Myth and History in Spanish Television and Cinema]. Dr. Kaiura is currently pursuing a book project about adultery and wife-murder in the press and popular literature during Spain’s Silver Age (approximately 1898-1936).