Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department Program Degree Overview Requirements
English Technical Communication Graduate Certificate Technical CommunicationOverview Technical CommunicationCatalog
History Comparative Cultures and Conflicts Graduate Certificate Comparative Cultures and ConflictsOverview Comparative Cultures and ConflictsCatalog Coming Soon


Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Graduate Certificate Program Contacts


Picture of Laurel Bollinger

Dr. Laurel Bollinger

Director of English Graduate Programs

MOR 215


Department Program Degree Overview Requirements
Business Business Analytics Graduate Certificate Business AnalyticsOverview Business AnalyticsCatalog
Business Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate CybersecurityOverview CybersecurityCatalog
Business Enterprise Resource Planning Graduate Certificate Enterprise Resource PlanningOverview Enterprise Resource PlanningCatalog
Business Federal Contracting & Procurement Management Graduate Certificate Federal Contracting & Procurement ManagementOverview Federal Contracting & Procurement ManagementCatalog
Business Human Resource Management Graduate Certificate HR ManagementOverview HR ManagementCatalog
Business Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate Supply Chain ManagementOverview Supply Chain ManagementCatalog
Business Technology & Innovation Management Graduate Certificate Technology & Innovation ManagementOverview Technology & Innovation ManagementCatalog


Business Graduate Certificate Program Contacts


Picture of Jennifer Pettitt

Ms. Jennifer Pettitt

Lecturer and Director of Advising

BAB 102H


Department Program Degree Overview Requirements
Education Autism Spectrum Disorders Graduate Certificate Autism Spectrum DisordersOverview Autism Spectrum DisordersCatalog


Education Graduate Certificate Program Contacts


Picture of Dr. Derrick Smith

Dr. Derrick Smith

Professor and Department Chair of Education

ROB 322


Department Program Degree Overview Requirements
Electrical & Computer Software Engineering Graduate Certificate Software EngineeringOverview Software EngineeringCatalog


Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate Program Contacts

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Picture of Dr. Yuri Shtessel

Dr. Yuri Shtessel

Distinguished Professor

ENG 263F


Department Program Degree Overview Requirements
Nursing Post-Baccalaureate Nursing Education Program Graduate Certificate Post-Baccalaureate Nursing Education ProgramOverview Post-Baccalaureate Nursing Education ProgramCatalog
Nursing Post-Masters Family Nurse Practitioner Program Graduate Certificate Post-Masters Family Nurse Practitioner ProgramOverview Post-Masters Family Nurse Practitioner ProgramCatalog


Nursing Graduate Certificate Program Contacts


Picture of Dr. John Pottenger

Mr. Charles Davis

Advisor and Director of Graduate Admissions

NUR 202

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