Whether you are a college student planning a mathematics oriented career in a high tech environment or education, or are professional seeking to better understand the mathematics underlying your field, you will find that our mathematical expertise and deep commitment to quality graduate education makes UAH the ideal graduate school in mathematics and applied mathematics.

Our interest in graduate education goes back to the early days of UAH. The first degree awarded by UAH was a Master's degree in mathematics. This was in 1964, four years before any undergraduate degrees were awarded! Since then, we have worked hard to offer the best graduate education possible. We are committed to providing both the formal training and the close personal attention which quality graduate education requires.

Today, our faculty are recognized nationally and internationally for their research and scholarship. Many have also been called upon to do consulting work for such research organizations as NASA and the Army Missile Command.

Programs of study are worked out by the student with their faculty advisor. This should be done early in the student's career.

Graduate students are advised by the Graduate Program Director until they choose a personal faculty advisor. It is strongly recommended that beginning students contact the Graduate Program Director for consultation as soon as practical, preferably before signing up for courses.


Mathematical Sciences, MS - Thesis or Non-Thesis Options  

Students will develop a much deeper understanding of mathematics. This program requires a minor area of study within the College of Science or College of Engineering.

Mathematical Sciences, PhD - Applied Mathematics  

This program is designed to enable students to master a significant body of mathematics, including a specialty in Applied Mathematics; to relate this knowledge to a coherent area of science or engineering other than mathematics; and to carry on fundamental research in Applied Mathematics. 


In addition to meeting the Graduate School admission requirements, all applicants should have satisfactorily completed a complete sequence in calculus, introductory courses in linear algebra, abstract algebra and real analysis (equivalent to the UAH courses MA 244, MA 442 and MA 452) and at least six semester hours in other upper-level mathematics courses. Deficiencies in more than two of these courses must be made up before admission to the graduate mathematics program.

Some of our areas of expertise are:
  • applied dynamical systems
  • combinatorics
  • continuum and fluid mechanics
  • Fourier analysis
  • functional analysis
  • generalized functions
  • graph theory
  • linear algebra
  • mathematical biology
  • mathematical modeling
  • matrix theory
  • nonlinear operator theory
  • numerical analysis
  • ordinary and partial differential equations
  • probability
  • stochastic processes

Graduate Assistantship

To be considered for a teaching assistantship you must be unconditionally admitted to the graduate mathematics program, have your GRE scores on file with the University and have at least three qualified people write letters of reference addressing your potential for graduate work in mathematics and your potential for teaching or tutoring undergraduate students. To avoid delays in consideration it is recommended that you apply for admission to the program and for an assistantship at the same time. To apply for a teaching assistantship:

  1. Apply to the UAH Graduate School for admission to the Graduate Program,
  2. Fill out the Application for Graduate Teaching or Research Assistantship, and
  3. Have three qualified people write letters of reference supporting your application for assistantship. These letters should address your potential for graduate work in mathematics and your potential for teaching or tutoring undergraduate students.

The Application for Assistantship and the letters of reference should be sent to:

Graduate Program Director

Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Alabama in Huntsville, Shelby Center 258A
Huntsville, Alabama 35899

Additional support is available through the UAH Graduate Co-op Program. Qualified graduate students can alternate six months of graduate study with six months of full-time work in a local company or government agency. While in the school phase of this program, the student may hold a graduate assistantship.