Course Work

Course requirements, including at least 48 hours of graduate coursework (excluding dissertation research), are defined in the Program of Study. A maximum of 6 semester hours credit in thesis/research work from the master’s degree may be allowed to count toward the 48 hour requirement. Students must also register for a minimum of 18 semester hours of dissertation research. Students must register for dissertation research each semester in which they receive faculty supervision. The approval of the Program of Study should be accomplished as early as possible, but no later than one year after admission to the PhD program and passing the preliminary exam. Once approved, the program may be amended only by the Supervisory Committee upon submission of the appropriate form.

Major and Minor Subjects

A defined major subject or field of specialization is required of all candidates for the PhD degree. The candidate must also have at least two minor subjects chosen with approval of the candidate’s Supervisory Committee. One of the minors must be mathematics, and/or engineering mathematics as defined by the student’s department. All students must complete at least 48 semester hours of graduate coursework, and 18 hours of dissertation coursework. At least 24 semester hours must be in work within related departments, including credits for the major. Of these 24 semester hours, at least 18 must be within a defined major. Of the remaining 24 semester hours, a minimum of 12 semester hours of work is required for each of the two minors.

Degree Requirements

Applicants admitted to the PhD program must pass a written Preliminary Examination to remain in the program. At the end of the coursework, PhD students must pass a Qualifying Examination. Finally, a student must write an acceptable dissertation which must be publicly defended in front of the Supervisory Committee.

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Dr. Laurie Joiner

Dr. Laurie Joiner