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A graduate degree builds upon a student’s firm scientific foundation to significantly enhance their knowledge and skill base. A Graduate degree opens doors. Graduates can expect to enter employment positions at a higher level, while a graduate degree may also be a requirement for progress beyond certain career ceilings.

Chemistry, MS

The United States is the top chemical producer in the world, accounting for nearly one-fifth of world production. Huntsville and the surrounds are the southern home of the US chemical industry. A graduate degree in Chemistry raises your knowledge and skill base to take on supervisory roles.

Chemistry, PhD

The PhD program in Chemistry, implemented at UAH in the Fall of 2023, offers three paths: the Academic path leads graduate students to a traditional doctorate in Chemistry, the Entrepreneur and Executive paths combine a chemistry education with a business education, with the Executive path leading to a doctorate in Chemistry and an embedded MBA. All three paths to the doctoral degree require formal coursework and scientific chemical research.

Materials Science, MS, PhD

From biomaterials to catalytic converters, a UAH graduate degree in Materials Science is highly regarded by industry professionals. Students in this interdisciplinary field explore the properties of matter and its applications to various areas of science and engineering. The PhD in Materials Science is a tri‐campus offering from the University of Alabama.

Biotechnology Science and Engineering, PhD

The exploitation of biological systems as technologies have benefited mankind in numerous ways. Chemical industries lead the way in embracing this new avenue for new bioproducts. 

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Applicants are strongly advised to explore our areas of research prior to applying. If you have an idea of the area you want to study but cannot find a match with our academics please contact the Department Chair.

Student Spotlight

Unnati Patel

Ph.D. Biotechnology Science & Engineering

“This is one of the best research-oriented Universities equipped with various analytical instruments, laboratories, and class facilities. The faculties and staff are very helpful, kind, and supportive to the students. Overall, I feel proud to be a part of UAH.”