Adjacent to the Cumming’s Research Park with over 300 companies and close to Redstone Arsenal as well as NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre, our innovative, applied research aims to develop solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow.

The Department of Chemistry offers a number of undergraduate courses for research where students are embedded within a research laboratory and gain valuable hands-on experience. Undergraduate students can apply for research opportunities here


Doctor conducting surgery.

Biomedical Materials & Technologies

Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are dependent upon biomaterials crafted into scaffolds to promote cell growth and differentiation. At UAH we develop medical materials and engineer novel technologies in response to common health problems. Multidisciplinary solutions using biochemistry, biotechnology, materials science and biomedical engineering.

J. Weimer
C. Scholz

Microscopic Biomolecules

Metabolomics & Natural Products

Metabolomics is a diverse, interdisciplinary field that focuses on the study of small biomolecules known as metabolites and how they interact collectively within a living organism, the metabolome. Metabolomics research at UAH focuses on aging, metabolism, and insulin resistance. Our researchers in this area use metabolomics to discover how and why the body behaves as it does during aging and how metabolism influences disease susceptibility.

S. Love-Rutledge
B. Vogler
M. Pusey
W. Setzer

vials with chemicals on a table.

Synthesis & Characterisation

Organic synthesis in the development of new molecules and materials is complemented by bioprocessing. Amongst UAH research, biowaste is used for tor the production of environmentally friendly biofuels and biodegradable plastics. Fine control of organic processes are applied to develop novel hybrid polymers for use as biomaterials. the properties and behavior of our products are extensively characterized, from NMR to mechanical testing. In another research area, the universal properties of critical points in phase transitions are studied from both the experimental and theoretical points of view.

C. Scholz
A. Mukherjee
J. Weimer
J. Baird

Small Tree

Chemistry & Our Environment

Our environment faces many challenges requiring interdisciplinary solutions. At UAH our investigations cover both fundamental and applied research, from aerosol formation to pollution prevention and bioplastics.

C. Scholz
S. Lee