Doctor conducting surgery.

Smart Wound Repair Technology

Close up of laster in eye.


Surgeons remain reliant upon sutures to close wounds, but are an ancient technology that inflicts further tissue damage. The Bio/Polymers Research Group (BRG) has developed a laser-activated thin-film adhesive technology that effectively seals wounds and overcomes all the disadvantages associated with sutures. In vivo studies have shown this novel technology actually promotes tissue regeneration and functional wound healing. This smart wound repair system can also be utilized to deliver pharmaceutical agents and living cells.

Nanotheranostics for Bacterial Infections

Blood cells.


One of the greatest challenges in infectious bacterial diseases is the need for rapid diagnostic tests to make quick diagnostic decisions for immediate therapeutic action. Our lab functionalized nanomaterials to develop over-the-counter test kits identify pathogenic bacteria such as tuberculosis causing Mycobacteria and sexually transmitted infections caused by Chlamydia. Using bacteria targeting nanocarriers we are developing targeted therapy that unloads antibiotics only at the site of infection.