Dr. William Setzer

Professor Emeritus, Chemistry


301 Sparkman Drive
Materials Science Building
Room 315
Huntsville, AL 35899
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  • Postdoctoral: University of Utah
  • Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1981
  • B.S., Harvey Mudd College


  • Secondary Metabolites of Higher Plants
  • Biomedical Aspects of Biologically Active Phytochemicals & Chemical Ecology

Recent Publications

  • “Volatile constituents and antimicrobial activity of Naio (Myoporum sandwicense Gray), a native Hawaiian tree.” Dosoky, N.S.; Satyal, P.; Sorensen, A.; Setzer, W.N. Compounds, 2023, 3(1), 142-152.

  • “Environmentally-friendly pesticidal activities of Callicarpa and Karomia essential oils from Vietnam and their microemulsions.” Hung, N.H.; Quan, P.M.; Dai, D.N.; Satyal, P.; Huong, L.T.; Giang, L.D.; Hung, T.; Setzer, W.N. Chemistry & Biodiversity, 2023, 20, e202200210 (18 pages).

  • “Antioxidative limonoids from Swietenia macrophylla fruits: Experimental, DFT (density functional theory) approach, and docking study.” Thuy, P.T.; Hieu, T.T.; Duc, D.X.; Trung, H.V.; Hung, N.H.; Setzer, W.N.; Thang, T.D.; Son, N.T. Journal of Molecular Structure, 2023, 1283, 135264 (9 pages). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.molstruc.2023.135264.

  • “Evaluating the potential of Boswellia rivae to provide sustainable livelihood benefits in eastern Ethiopia.” DeCarlo, A.; Johnson, S.; Abdikadir, A.; Satyal, P.; Poudel, A.; Setzer, W.N. Special Issue “Phytochemistry of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants” of Plants, 2023, 12(10), 2024 (16 pages).

  • “Chemical composition, mosquito larvicidal and molluscicidal activities of Magnolia foveolata leaf essential oil.” Pham, V.T.; Trinh, N.B.; Satyal, P.; Hoa, V.V.; Huy, N.G.; Truc, L.T.T.; Thuong, V.T.; Hieu, N.V.; Hung, N.H.; Thu, N.T.; Setzer, W.N. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 2023, 109, 104666 (8 pages).

  • “Antidepressant effects of essential oils: A review of the last decade (2012-2022) and molecular docking study of its major chemical components.” Fonseca, E.C.M.; Ferreira, L.R.; Figueiredo, P.L.B.; Maia, C.d.S.F.; Setzer, W.N.; da Silva, J.K.R. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2023, 24(11) 9244 (23 pages).

  • “Chemical composition, antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities of the curzerene type essential oil of Eugenia uniflora from Brazil.” de Jesus, E.N.S.; Tavares, M.S.; Barros, P.A.C.; da Silva, P.I.C.; Freitas, J.J.d.S.; de Lima, A.B.; Setzer, W.N.; da Silva, J.K.R.; Figueiredo, P.L.B. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2023, 317, 116859 (8 pages).

  • “Essential oil composition, anti-tyrosinase activity, and molecular docking studies of Knema intermedia (Myristicaceae).” Salihu, A.S.; Salleh, W.M.N.H.W. Setzer, W.N. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C, 2023, 78(7-8), 293-298. https://doi.org/10.1515/znc-2023-0003.

  • Siparuna guianensis essential oil antitumoral activity on Ehrlich model and its effect on oxidative stress.” Barbosa, L.G.V.; de Jesus, E.N.S.; Jerônimo, L.B.; da Costa, J.S.; Freitas, J.J.d.S.; Setzer, W.N.; da Silva, J.K.R.; Silva, R.C.; Figueiredo, P.L.B. Chemistry and Biodiversity, 2023, 20(10), e202301120 (7 pages).

  • “Larvicidal and adulticidal activity of essential oils from four Cuban plants against three mosquito vector species.” García-Díaz, J.; Souto, R.N.P.; Escalona-Arranz, J.C.; Ferreira, R.M.A.; da Costa, T.S.; González- Fernández, R.; Heredia-Díaz, Y.; Chil-Núñez, I.; de la Vega, J.; Monzote, L.; Queiroz, M.M.C.; Setzer, W.N. Special Issue “Phytochemistry of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants” of Plants, 2023, 12(23), 4009 (14 pages)