Dr. William Setzer

Professor Emeritus, Chemistry


301 Sparkman Drive
Materials Science Building
Room 315
Huntsville, AL 35899
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  • Postdoctoral: University of Utah
  • Ph.D., University of Arizona, 1981
  • B.S., Harvey Mudd College


  • Secondary Metabolites of Higher Plants
  • Biomedical Aspects of Biologically Active Phytochemicals & Chemical Ecology

Recent Publications

  • “Machine learning analysis of essential oils from Cuban plants: Potential activity against protozoa parasites.”  De Menezes, R.P.B.; Scotti, L.; Scotti, M.T.; García, J.; González, R.; Monzote, L.; Setzer, W.N.  Special issue, “Bioactive compounds against parasite, bacteria and related diseases”, of Molecules, 2022, 27(4), 1366 (15 pages).

  • “Essential oil chemotypes of four Vietnamese Curcuma species cultivated in north Alabama.” Duong, L.; Mentreddy, S.R.; Satyal, R.; Satyal, P.; Setzer, W.N. Special issue “Phytochemicals of Natural Products: Analysis and Biological Activities” of Horticulturae, 2022, 8(5), 360 (18 pages).

  • “Encapsulation of Eucalyptus largiflorens essential oil by mesoporous silicates for effective control of the cowpea weevil Callosobruchus maculatus (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae).” Ebadollahi, A.; Sendi, J.J.; Setzer, W.N.; Changbunjong, T. Special issue, “Natural products a source for pesticides” of Molecules, 2022, 27(11) 3531 (14 pages).

  • “Pesticidal activities of Callicarpa and Premna essential oils from Vietnam.” Hung, N.H.; Cong, T.N.; Dung, N.A.; Linh, L.D.; Hoa, V.V.; Hien, T.T.; Chuong, N.T.H.; Hien, V.T.; Nguyen, B.V.; Setzer, W.N. Natural Product Communications, 2022, 17(6), 1934578x221110660 (9 pages).

  • “Inter-tree variation in the chemical composition of Boswellia papyrifera oleo-gum-resin.” DeCarlo, A.; Agieb, S.; Johnson, S.; Satyal, P.; Setzer, W.N. Natural Product Communications, 2022, 17(7), 1934578x221117411 (6 pages).

  • “Essential oil compositions of Pinus species ( contorta subsp. contorta, P. ponderosa var. ponderosa, and P. flexilis); enantiomeric distribution of terpenoids in Pinus species.” Ankney, E.; Swor, K.; Satyal, P.; Setzer, W.N. Special Issue “Biomolecules from Essential Oil-Bearing Plants: Biological and Industrial Applications II” of Molecules, 2022, 27(17), 5658 (15 pages).

  • “Authentication of Citrus cold-pressed essential oils by their oxygenated heterocyclic components.” Dosoky, N.S.; Satyal, P.; Setzer, W.N. Special issue “Application of Spectroscopy and Chemometrics for Authentication of Foods and Drugs” of Molecules, 2022, 27(19), 6277 (17 pages).

  • “The volatile profiles and DNA barcodes of Lauraceae species from the Ocotea complex with occurrence in the Brazilian Amazon.” Xavier, J.K.A.M.; da Trindade, R.C.S.; Moreira, E.C.; Figueiredo, P.L.B.; Maia, J.G.S.; Setzer, W.N.; da Silva, J.K.R. Chemistry & Biodiversity, 2022, 19(10), e202200337 (14 pages).

  • “Chemical composition, in vitro and in silico antileishmanial evaluation of the essential oil from Croton linearis stems.” García-Díaz, J.; Escalona-Arranz, J.C.; Ochoa-Pacheco, A.; dos Santos, S.G.; González-Fernández, R.; Rojas-Vargas, J.A.; Monzote, L.; Setzer, W.N. Special Issue “Antiprotozoal Activity of Natural Products” of Antibiotics, 2022, 11(12), 1712 (17 pages).

  • “Conservation assessment and chemistry of Boswellia ogadensis, a critically endangered frankincense tree.” Johnson, S.; Abdikadir, A.; Satyal, P.; Poudel, A.; Setzer, W.N. Special Issue “Phytochemistry of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants” of Plants, 2022, 11(23), 3381 (11 pages).