Graduates of our MS programs should be able to solve complex engineering problems using appropriate techniques, to use formal mathematics to clarify engineering analyses, and to clearly communicate engineering solutions to others.

Admission Requirements

For unconditional admission to the MS and MSE programs, an applicant should have

  • a 3.0 GPA on the last 60 relevant hours of a baccalaureate degree in mechanical or aerospace engineering or a related field, and
  • scores of 145 (verbal) and 155 (quantitative) on the GRE examination. While seating for the GRE examination is unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions, the applicant's grade history in mathematics courses will be used as a replacement for the GRE score.
JUMP Admissions

For UAH undergraduates, admission through the Joint Undergraduate Masters Program you should have 

  • a UAH overall GPA of at least 3.50 at the time of admission
  • completed the following five courses with an average of 3.25 including retakes: MAE 272, MAE 284, MAE 310 OR MAE 330, MAE 341, and MAE 370

For more information about the application process and advisors, visit the JUMP page. 

International Applicants

For additional admissions information for international applicants see the graduate admissions page.

Program Description

The MS in Aerospace Systems Engineering and the MSE in Mechanical Engineering each require 30 semester hours and are available as two options.


The thesis option requires 24 hours of graduate coursework and 6 hours of thesis. Students under this option must complete a written thesis and an oral defense.


The non-thesis option requires 30 hours of graduate coursework. 

Curriculum Structure for Both Options
Additional Information and Program Documents

Coordinator for Aerospace Systems Engineering

For initial and non-thesis advising contact the Graduate Program Coordinator:

Dr. Gabe Xu

Coordinator for Mechanical Engineering

For initial and non-thesis advising contact the Graduate Program Coordinator:

Dr. George Nelson