Energy conversion, transport, and storage

  • Convective heat transfer, two-phase flows, liquid crystal thermography - D. K. Hollingsworth, Professor and Department Chair
  • Gas turbine heat transfer, shock wave/boundary layer interaction, microfluidics - P. Ligrani, Professor and Eminent Scholar in Propulsion
  • Transport phenomena applied to electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices, energy systems modeling - G. J. Nelson, Assistant Professor
  • Transport phenomena and reaction kinetics in electrochemical energy systems, control strategies and system packaging - G. Zhang, Assistant Professor

Rocket Propulsion And Plasma Engineering

  • Solid, liquid, and hybrid propulsion, combustion instability, missile design - R. Frederick, Professor and Director of the Propulsion Research Center
  • Fusion propulsion, pulsed electromagnetic plasma, accelerators, smoothed particle hydrodynamics - J. Cassibry, Associate Professor
  • Electric propulsion, plasma dynamics - K. G. Xu, Assistant Professor

Combustion and Turbulence Modeling

  • Computational fluid mechanics, acoustics, chemically reacting flows, supersonic and hypersonic turbulent flows - K. Frendi, Professor
  • Direct and large-eddy simulations of turbulent combustion, wildland fire behavior - S. Mahalingam, Professor and Dean of the College of Engineering
  • Direct and large-eddy simulations of multiphase flows, plasma dynamics, and wildland fires - B. Shotorban, Associate Professor
  • Computational transport phenomena, combustion, radiative heat transfer - S. Rani, Associate Professor

Materials Engineering and Solid Mechanics

  • Mechanics of materials, deformation, fatigue, fracture, dynamic impacts, and space science - K. Hazeli, Assistant Professor
  • Smart materials, actuators and sensors, health monitoring of composite material systems - M. Lin, Associate Professor
  • Computational mechanics of materials, microstructure-property relationships, multiscale modeling of plasticity and damage, nonlocal continuum mechanics, dynamic material response - J. Mayeur, Assistant Professor
  • Mechanical behavior and characterization of materials, polymeric composites, friction stir welding, additive manufacturing - J. Schneider, Professor
  • Adaptive structures, structural dynamics and health monitoring - G. Wang, Associate Professor

Unmanned Vehicles

  • Aerodynamics, propulsion, vehicle design - D. B. Landrum, Associate Professor
  • Control theory and robotics applied to autonomous ground, marine, and aerial vehicles - F. Fahimi, Associate Professor
  • Fluid-structure interactions, flapping-wing aerodynamics - C-K. Kang, Assistant Professor
  • Active Flow Control, wing design, aircraft performance - K. Kanistras, Assistant Professor