Energy Conversion, Transport, and Storage
Convective heat transfer, two-phase flows, liquid crystal thermography Dr. D. Keith Hollingsworth Professor
Gas turbine heat transfer, shock wave/boundary layer interaction, microfluidics Dr. Phillip Ligrani Professor and Eminent Scholar in Propulsion
Transport phenomena applied to electrochemical energy storage and conversion devices, energy systems modeling Dr. George Nelson Professor and Department Chair
Transport phenomena and reaction kinetics in electrochemical energy systems, control strategies and system packaging Dr. Guangsheng Zhang Assistant Professor
Rocket and Advanced Propulsion and Plasma Science and Engineering
Solid, liquid, and hybrid propulsion, combustion instability, missile design Dr. Robert Frederick Professor and Director of the Propulsion Research Center
Fusion propulsion, pulsed electromagnetic plasma, accelerators, smoothed particle hydrodynamics Dr. Jason Cassibry Professor
Electric propulsion, plasma dynamics, biological applications of atmospheric plasmas, rotating detonation engines, laser produced plasmas
Dr. Gabe Xu Associate Professor
Advanced propulsion, energy, detonation physics, rotating detonation engines, combustion science Dr. John Bennewitz Assistant Professor
Combustion and Turbulence Modeling
Computational fluid mechanics, acoustics, chemically reacting flows, supersonic and hypersonic turbulent flows Dr. Kader Frendi Professor
Direct and large-eddy simulations of turbulent combustion, wildland fire behavior Dr. Shankar Mahalingam Distinguished Professor and Dean of College of Engineering
Direct and large-eddy simulations of multiphase flows, plasma dynamics, and wildland fires Dr. Babak Shotorban Professor
Computational transport phenomena, combustion, radiative heat transfer Dr. Sarma Rani Professor
Materials Engineering and Solid Mechanics
Mechanics of materials, deformation, fatigue, fracture, dynamic impacts
Dr. Nathan Spulak Assistant Professor
Smart materials, actuators and sensors, health monitoring of composite material systems Dr. Mark Lin Associate Professor
Computational mechanics of materials, microstructure-property relationships, multiscale modeling of plasticity and damage, nonlocal continuum mechanics, dynamic material response Dr. Nickolas Ginga Assistant Professor
Mechanical behavior and characterization of materials, polymeric composites, friction stir welding, additive manufacturing Dr. Judith Schneider Professor
Adaptive structures, structural dynamics and health monitoring Dr. Gang Wang Associate Professor
Unmanned Vehicles
Aerodynamics, propulsion, vehicle design Dr. D. Brian Landrum (1992-2022)
Associate Professor
Control theory and robotics applied to autonomous ground, marine, and aerial vehicles Dr. Farbod Fahimi Associate Professor
Fluid-structure interactions, flapping-wing aerodynamics Dr. Chang-kwon Kang Associate Professor
Active Flow Control, wing design, aircraft performance Dr. Haiyang Hu  Assistant Professor