Dr. Joe Conway

Assistant Professor, English Department


Dr. Joe Conway’s Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., American Literature, Washington University, 2008
  • B.A., English and Philosophy, Villanova College, 2000

Classes Taught


  • “‘To banter the age’: Sir William Phips and the Wonders of the Modern World,” Early American Literature 52.2 (2017).
  • “After Politics/After Television: Comedy Vérité and the Running Gag of Government,” Studies in American Humor 2.2 (2016): 182-207
  • “Conversion Experiences: Money and Other Strange Gods in The Female America,” Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 45.4 (2016): 671-683.
  • “Words Are for the Birds: ‘Non-Reasoning Creatures Capable of Speech’ in the Writings of Schreber and Poe,” in Mocking Bird Technologies: Essays on the Comparative and Global Poetics of Bird Mimicry, eds. Christopher GoGwilt and Melanie Holm. Fordham University Press, 2018.
  • “Hawthorne’s Backwoods Puritan: ‘Sir William Phips and the Democratic Clown Tradition,” The Nathaniel Hawthorne Review (Fall 2013): 36-59. Winner of Hawthorne Review’s “Essay of the Year” for 2013.
  • “Making Beautiful Money: Currency Connoisseurship in Nineteenth-Century America,” Nineteenth-Century Contexts 34.5 (2012): 427-443.
  • “Failing Criticism: An Essay on The Recognitions,” in The Arch Never Sleeps: William Gaddis in Context. McFarland, 2009.
  • Book Review: A Genius for Money: Business, Art, and the Morrisons (New Haven: Yale UP, 2012) and The Vulgar Question of Money: Heiresses, Materialism, and the Novel of Manners from Jane Austen to Henry James (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 2011), Nineteenth-Century Contexts (May 2013): 227-230.
  • Book Review: Culture, Capital, and Representation (London: Palgrave, 2010), in Studies in the Novel (March 2012): 110-112.