UAH student part of discovery that may improve treatment of type 1 diabetes

UAH Ph.D. student Shristi Shrestha is honing her skills in single-cell gene expression as a graduate research assistant at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. She recently served as first co-author of a paper that was published in the journal "Cell Reports".

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The Biotechnology Science and Engineering (BSE) is an interdisciplinary graduate program between the Departments of Chemistry, Biological Sciences and Chemical Engineering. Adjunct faculty from the Marshall Space Flight Center and Hudson Alpha Institute of Biotechnology and companies are also involved in the program.

BSE provides broad training in sciences and engineering dealing with the handling and the processing of macromolecules and living systems. Students receive advanced training in one of three specializations: Structural Biology, Biomolecular Sciences or Bioprocess Engineering. 

Biotechnology Science & Engineering, PhD

Biotech is not a single area of study, but a multidisciplinary field concerned with manipulating living organisms (or their components) to design or enhance vaccines, medicines, energy efficiency, or food safety. Common applications can be found in drug development, human and animal nutrition, agricultural improvements, and environmental protection.

It is a series of enabling technologies drawn from the fields of microbiology, cellular biology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, immunology, fermentation technology, environmental science and engineering which allow one to synthesize, breakdown, or transform materials to suit human needs.

The future industrial landscape will continue to include research, development and the manufacturing of products such as proteins and nucleic acids that will be based wholly or in large part on biological processes.

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