Empowering students to successfully navigate the university experience by engaging in individualized emotional and psychological support through personal mental health counseling.

Counseling is available for various personal issues and topics including, but not limited to: adjustment to university life; stress management; interpersonal relationships with friends, family, or peers; anxiety; depression; LGBTQ understanding; cultural issues and diversity; disordered eating and body image issues.

Our counselors offer staff and faculty consultation appointments regarding student and classroom issues.


For any crisis situation that involves the threat of imminent danger call Campus Police at 256.824.6911.

For emergency situations, not involving imminent danger, call our office directly at 256.824.6203 or come into Executive Plaza, Bldg 200, Ste 208.

After hours (weekdays after 5 pm or weekend), please call Campus Police at 256.824.6911.

DO NOT contact us through email or this website in crisis situations.

Eligibility for Services

All students currently enrolled at UAH are eligible for services. Given the counseling center’s brief model of treatment, an intake appointment would determine which additional counseling services are needed and whether our staff or another resource on or off-campus is most appropriate.

Occasionally a student may be referred to another agency for services. For example, if a student needs more sessions than we can provide while still serving the University community as a whole, we will work with the student to facilitate a referral to an outside agency. On occasion a student may have chronic or severe mental health problems, or other conditions that may require close monitoring. In such instances, our staff will facilitate obtaining treatment that will best serve the student and may offer referrals that will better meet the student’s needs.