Mission Statement

The mission of the UAH Counseling Center is to enhance personal development and academic achievement by providing counseling, information, and guidance to students as they navigate through their college careers. In addition, we provide support and consultation to faculty, staff, and when appropriate, parents, in assisting students in achieving their academic goals.

The function of the UAH Counseling Center is to provide the university community with mental health services aimed at maximizing the personal growth and development of its diverse members. These services are offered to students and include a variety of educational and preventative, therapeutic, and crisis management activities within a short-term therapy model.

Counseling Center services help students achieve their educational goals, learn the process of problem solving, increase and enhance their capacity for satisfying interpersonal relationships, and make full use of their potential for continued growth beyond their educational experience.

Commitment to Issues of Diversity

The Counseling Center strives to provide services that are culturally competent and based on sensitivity and respect for human dignity and diversity. We view diversity inclusively and broadly, with attention to intersections of identities and considering ethnic/racial identity, nationality, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religion/spirituality, socioeconomic status, age, body shape/size, ability, point of view, and other concerns. For many people, systems of power, privilege, and oppression have led to experiences of discrimination, prejudice, or stereotyping. Our goal is to make the Counseling Center a safe space, where any who enter will feel welcomed and affirmed.

The Counseling Center has a commitment to embrace the richness of diversity in our community. This means that our staff actively engages in processes of personal and professional development around issues of diversity, challenging our own biases and inviting difficult dialogues when appropriate. This commitment to diversity is an ongoing journey for us. We believe that continually educating ourselves and others about the mental health issues of a diverse campus community is central to our work. We value a UAH community based on mutual respect and understanding.


The staff at the Counseling Center adheres to professional, legal, and ethical guidelines set forth by the American Counseling Association, American Psychological Association, and Alabama State Law. In doing so, we maintain confidential records of all counseling. This means that information about your contact with the Counseling Center is not included in your academic record, nor is it released to any other office or individual without your permission and signature on a written release form. However, there are some specific exceptions or limits to confidentiality.

Counselors are mandated to release only pertinent information in certain situations:

  • Possible harm to the client
  • Possible harm to another person
  • Cases of child or elder abuse, or other situations in which a person who cannot protect themselves may be harmed
  • In the event of a confirmed court order

While these situations are possible, they are infrequent. It is important to remember that your counselor's primary goal is to provide a safe environment in which you will feel comfortable to talk about your personal concerns.

The staff at the Counseling Center operates as a team. Therefore, from time to time, your counselor may consult with other clinical staff members or receive supervision from a clinical supervisor. These consultations are for professional and training purposes only and are aimed at providing the best possible care for all clients.