Each semester we offer a variety of group therapy sessions. Additionally, we offer informal outreach group sessions that will be posted on the UAH CC calendar.   In these group sessions, participants explore:

  • How to change their thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors to feel better about themselves and cope more effectively with life.
  • How to better understand themselves and how they relate to others, as well as
  • Developing skills for dealing with specific problems.

To attend group therapy sessions, please call us at 256.824.6203 to schedule a pre-group meeting with our counselors. Appointments cannot be made or cancelled via email.

What to expect in your pre-group meeting with counselors:

It is important to meet with the group leaders prior to starting any counseling group. It is equally important that you are placed in a group that is suitable for you and your needs. In this meeting the leaders will discuss what to expect from group therapy in more detail and answer any questions that you might have.

What to expect from group counseling:

Group counseling can provide a supportive and challenging environment where members can discuss their concerns with peers and professionals. Over time, students begin to care about and trust one another in the group environment. Under the facilitation of the group counselors, the group is able to give support, offer alternatives, or gently confront the person in such a way that the group member gains 1.) a new understanding of the issues that brought them to counseling; and 2.) a new experience in relationship with other group members. This allows members to find the assurance and confidence it takes to try new things outside the group environment.

Groups Offered


An interpersonal support group for women designed to help build self-confidence by exploring the strength of individuality.

Healing Art

An art therapy group for the college student that shows how art can improve your emotional expression and mental well being.

Out of the Shadows

An interpersonal support group for African American men that identify as gay or bisexual. This is a closed, confidential group. If you are interested in joining, please contact the Counseling Center.


A group is for anyone who wishes to find support and education about their depression, general anxiety, and/or social anxiety.


An interpersonal support group for individuals that identify as transgender, agender, gender fluid, genderqueer, nonbinary, or other gender noncomforming identity. This is a closed, confidential group. If you are interested in joining, please contact the Counseling Center.

Under the Umbrella

A lunch social support group for those that identify on the autism spectrum and/or need to enhance and improve their social skills. If you are unsure if this group is for you, please contact the Counseling Center for more information.

Please check the event calendar for updated group times or changes.

See the Group Schedule


Group Therapy Rooms


Group Area

The group area is a warm, comfortable, and inviting space for clients. The UAH CC Staff strive to offer a supportive and healing sanctuary for those responding to the call of personal growth. Group counseling provides students with the opportunity to connect with others in a safe, confidential and supportive space. Groups allow students to share their experiences with others who can understand and relate to their concerns, connect across differences, learn new perspectives, and experiment with new ideas, behaviors, and ways of being or interacting.



The Studio

The Studio is a great space to explore your creative side. We offer open studio times and counselor-lead art therapy sessions during the semester. You don't need to be a skilled artist to experience the benefits of being creative. Use this space to explore your emotions and experiences through the activities in the room. Being creative reduces stress, improves problem-solving abilities, and helps you gain insight. 



Wellness Space

The Wellness Space is a tranquil environment where UAH students, faculty, and staff can participate in a variety of self-guided relaxation, stress management, and performance-enhancing activities. Relaxation is an important part of taking good care of yourself. Whether you want to learn relaxation techniques or use the massage chair, the wellness space is a great place to unwind.



Seminar Room

The UAH Counseling Center's Seminar room is a multi-purpose space that can be used to host to meetings, workshops, group therapy, discussions, lectures, and reflection activities. The staff utilize this area for training that is offered to staff, faculty, and students throughout the year. In addition, some of the groups offered during the semester utilize this space. It is a warm, but functional space that can enhance the training experience.


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