How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

 To make an appointment at the UAH Counseling Center, please call (256) 824-6203 and ask to schedule an intake appointment or single-session appointment with a Counselor.

  • Appointments cannot be made or cancelled via email.
  • Same day appointments may be possible in urgent situations.

What Type of Appointment Do I Need?

Intake Interview 

The intake interview is the first appointment before beginning regular individual sessions.  You will meet with a licensed counselor or gradudate clinical intern to discuss your presenting concerns.  The purpose of the intake interview is to evaluate goals for counseling and connect you to the most appropriate resources.

  • Intake Interviews are held on our HIPAA-compliant ZOOM platform.
  • You will typically spend 20 to 30 minutes speaking with a Counselor/Intern.
  • If your needs are beyond the UAH Counseling Center's scope of care, we will assist you with an off-campus referral.
  • If your needs are within our scope of care, you will be assigned to one of our licensed counselor's or gradudate clinical intern's.

A single-session is designed to offer you a solution-focused, one-time appointment when you need a little bit of help getting unstuck and moving forward with your life.  This is type of appointment is not designed to replace traditional therapy.  If you need several appointments to dig in to your concerns and develop effective coping strategies, you might consider scheduling an intake appointment instead of a single-session.

  • Single-session appointments may be held via ZOOM or in-person at the UAH Counseling Center.
  • You will typically spend 50 to 60 minutes speaking with a Counselor/Intern.
  • A consultation session will be offered as a follow-up to a single-session if needed.



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