Immediate Assistance

Urgent appointments and debriefing are offered at the center and by many off-campus service providers. See below for a list of local off-campus emergency centers.

Same day urgent appointments are reserved for students who are thinking about suicide, have been the victim of a recent crime, or have experienced a recent life-altering event.  Students can schedule an urgent appointment by calling 256.824.6203 or coming to the counseling center. We see students by scheduled appointments only and are currently unable to provide walk in services.

For any emergency situation ON campus involving the threat of imminent danger, call Campus Police at 256.824.6911. 

For any emergency situation OFF campus involving the threat of imminent danger, call 911.

  For all other urgent situations, call the Counseling Center at 256.824.6203 to schedule an urgent appointment.


Local Emergency Psychiatric Resources:

Huntsville Hospital
101 Sivley Rd. SW
Huntsville, AL

Crestwood Medical Center
1 Hospital Dr. SW
Huntsville, AL
Madison Hospital
8375 Hwy. 72 W
Madison, AL
Decatur Morgan Hospital
2205 Beltline Rd. SW
Decatur, AL
Wellstone Behavioral Health
4040 Memorial Pkwy. SW
Huntsville, AL
Crisis Services of North Alabama
National Suicide Hotline
Crisis Text Line

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Advice for Helping Students

We offer advisory consultation services to all faculty, staff, parents, and friends who may be concerned about a UAH student.  Our counselors can assist you by offering suggestions and tips about being supportive and effective in your interactions with them.  Please call us at 256.824.6203 to learn more. While we cannot disclose whether the person you are consulting about is a client or not, we are able to offer support and suggestions that can be tailored to your specific concern.  You may find general information to assist you with your concerns if you follow this link:


Resources for Concerned Family, Friends, Faculty, and Staff