Counseling is a personal choice made by the student alone. Staff, faculty, or parents cannot make appointments for students.  However, there are ways we can advise you.

We understand that it can be frustrating and painful to watch a student struggle and feel like there's nothing you can do to help.  To ease that frustration, we offer consultation services to all faculty, staff, parents, friends, etc.  You are not alone.  Our counselors can assist you with your concerns about students by offering suggestions and tips about being supportive and effective in your interactions with them.  Please call us at 256.824.6203 to learn more. While we cannot disclose whether the person you are consulting about is a client or not, we are able to offer support and suggestions that can be tailored to your specific concern. 

The following links may be useful to you as you research a plan of action and make a referral to the Counseling Center: