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As an integral part of the UAH Counseling Center’s mission, outreach programming is offered to promote a community perspective by extending the services of our staff beyond the physical site to the campus as a whole. The UAH CC provides deliberate, systematic, and creative psycho-educational programming that emphasizes a multicultural and developmental perspective on prevention, holistic wellness, and student self-help. We work collaboratively with campus departments and community partners to enhance and support the campus climate.

Campus outreach efforts allow the Counseling Center staff to connect with students who may not seek out clinical services. In addition, campus departments may seek workshops or trainings related to staff or student development. Programs are designed to address common concerns and help students develop skills that can enhance their well-being and reduce their stress. All programs are offered free to students. Students do not need to be clients at the Counseling Center to participate. 

Outreach requests are available to students, faculty and staff with sufficient notice (at least two weeks in advance of program date). Various program topics covered in the past include time management, stress management, relationship conflicts, and how to recognize depressive symptoms, just to name a few. Please refer to our Request an Event Form to request a program for your department or organization.

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