College of Science Dean's Office

C207 Materials Science Building
John Wright Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899


NameTitleArea of SpecialtyContact
Sundar Christopher, PhD Professor and Dean Atmospheric Science
Emanuel Waddell, PhD Associate Professor and Associate Dean Chemistry
Kelsey Bickett Outreach & Retention Coordinator
Jennifer Bradley Sr Academic Advisor
Maria Heflin Academic Coordinator
Michele Kennedy Sr Administrative Assistant
Crystal Lee Sr Resource Manager
Morgan Lewis Sr Academic Advisor

Atmospheric Science

National Space Science and Technology Center
320 Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, Alabama 35805


Daniela Cornelius

Administrative Assistant 

NameTitleArea of SpecialtyContact
John R Mecikalski, PhD Professor and Interim Chair Satellite Data Assimilation, Mesoscale
Phillip Bitzer, PhD Associate Professor Lightning
Larry Carey, PhD Associate Professor Radar Remote Sensing
John R Christy, PhD Distinguished Professor and Director of ESSC Climate, Climate Dynamics
Robert Griffin, PhD Associate Professor GIS and Remote Sensing
Qingyuan Han, PhD Associate Professor Satellite Cloud Imagery, Remote Sensing
Leiqiu Hu, PhD Assistant Professor Urban Remote Sensing
Kevin Knupp, PhD Professor Ground-Based Remote Sensing
Shanhu Lee, PhD Associate Professor Atmospheric Chemistry 
Udaysankar Nair, PhD Associate Professor Land, Atmosphere, and Ecosystem
Michael Newchurch, PhD Professor Atmospheric Chemistry, Satellite Remote Sensing
Tom Sever, PhD Professor Remote Sensing, GIS Technology
Ryan Wade Lecturer 


Shelby Center for Science and Technology, Room 369A
301 Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899


Lori Wheeler

Staff Assistant

NameTitleArea of SpecialtyContact
Bruce W Stallsmith, PhD Associate Professor and Interim Chair Ichthyology
Lawana Adcock Lecturer
Jerome Baudry, PhD Professor and Endowed Chan Chair
Judy Cooper Lecturer
Luis Rogelio Cruz-Vera, PhD Associate Professor Molecular Biology
Denise Kendall, PhD Lecturer

Joseph G Leahy, PhD

In Memoriam
Associate Professor Microbiology
Gordon MacGregor, PhD Assistant Professor Physiology
Roy D Magnuson, PhD Associate Professor Molecular Microbiology
Eric M Mendenhall, PhD Associate Professor Genomics & Epigenetics
Debra Moriarty, PhD Professor Emeritus    
Joseph Ng, PhD Professor Biochemistry
Matthew L Niemiller, PhD Assistant Professor Ecology


Materials Science Building C203
John Wright Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899


Jeffrey Champoux

Staff Assistant

NameTitleArea of SpecialtyContact
John Foster, PhD Professor and Chair
James Baird, PhD Professor Physical Chemistry
Michael A George, PhD Associate Professor Physical & Surface Chemistry
Michelle Greene, PhD Lecturer
Surangi Jayawardena, PhD Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry
Joshua Lang Lecturer
Sharifa Love-Rutledge Assistant Professor Biochemistry
Robert L McFeeters, PhD Associate Professor Biochemistry, Biophysics, & Structural Biology
Rebecca Miller Chemistry Stockroom Manager
Anusree Mukherjee, PhD Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry, Reaction Mechanisms, Bio-inorganic Chemistry
Joseph A Noletto Chemistry Stockroom Manager Coordinator of Undergraduate Laboratories
Carmen Scholz, PhD Professor Organic Chemistry & Polymers
William Setzer, PhD Professor Emeritus Organic Chemistry, Natural Products  
John Shriver, PhD Professor Emeritus Biophysical Chemistry & Biochemistry  
Mary Snow Lecturer Chemistry Education
Pam Twigg, PhD Lecturer Biochemistry & Structural Biology
Bernhard Vogler, PhD Associate Professor Analytical & Organic Chemistry, Natural Products
Emanuel Waddell, PhD Associate Professor and Associate Dean Analytical & Structural Chemistry
Jeffrey J Weimer, PhD Associate Professor Physical & Surface Chemistry

Computer Science

300 Technology Hall
University of Alabama at Huntsville
Huntsville, AL 35899


Betty Nelson & Maryann Bierer

Staff Assistants &

NameTitleArea of SpecialtyContact
Heggere S Ranganath, PhD Professor and Chair Pattern Recognition, Image Processing
Letha Etzkorn, PhD Professor and Associate Chair Software Engineering, Mobile and Intelligent Agents
Mary Beth Allen Lecturer
Ramazan Aygun, PhD Associate Professor Multimedia Systems, Database Systems
Haeyong Chung, PhD Assistant Professor
Rick Coleman, PhD Lecturer Basic programming skills in C++ and Java, Advanced programming skills in C++, Object oriented programming
Harry S Delugach, PhD Associate Professor Software Engineering, Software Requirements
Sara J Graves, PhD Professor and Director ITSC Data Mining, Distributed Information Systems
Joshua D Jones Systems Administrator
Wei Li, PhD Associate Professor Software Engineering, Software Metrics
Vineetha Menon, PhD Assistant Professor
Tim Newman, PhD Professor Automated Visual Inspection, Biomedical Imaging, Visualization, High Performance Computing
Chao Peng, PhD Assistant Professor
Mikel Petty, PhD Associate Professor Modeling and Simulation, Computational Complexity
Dan M Rochowiak, PhD Associate Professor Emeritus Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science  
Mary E Weisskopf, PhD Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Curriculum Coordinator Operating Systems, Distributed Systems
Huaming Zhang, PhD Associate Professor Algorithm Design, Graph
Feng Zhu, PhD Associate Professor Networks and Security

Mathematical Sciences

Shelby Center for Science and Technology, Rm 258A
301 Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899


Tami Lang

Sr Staff Assistant

NameTitleArea of SpecialtyContact
Toka Diagana, PhD Professor and Chair Evolution equations, operator theory, functional analysis
Shangbing Ai, PhD Associate Professor

Differential equations, dynamical systems, mathematical biology
Renee Bergstue Lecturer    
Elizabeth Bowman Lecturer
Janice Burrows Lecturer    
Gena Crook Lecturer
Peter Gibson, PhD Professor Emeritus

Linear algebra and combinatorics, nonnegative matrices, permanents, doubly stochastic and (0,1)-matrices
Wenzhang Huang, PhD Professor

Differential equations (ODE, FDE, PDE), dynamical systems, singular perturbation problems, mathematical biology
Terri Johnson, PhD Lecturer
Siroj Kansakar, PhD Lecturer    
Boris Kunin, PhD Associate Professor Fracture mechanics, functional integration, stochastic processes, extreme value distributions, differential geometry
Shelley Lenahan Lecturer
Jia Li, PhD Professor Emeritus Differential equations, mathematical modeling, mathematical ecology, mathematical epidemiology
Claudio Morales, PhD Professor Nonlinear operator theory in Banach spaces, fixed point theory, functional analysis, dynamical systems
Mark Pekker, PhD Professor

Numerical analysis of partial differential equations, finite element methods, numerical analysis of bifurcation for ordinary differential equations, mathematical biology
Katie Popp Lecturer
SS Ravindran, PhD Professor

Controls, Dynamics, Optimization & Numerics
Kyle Siegrist, PhD Professor Emeritus Probability and stochastic processes, Markov processes, probabilistic graph theory, stochastic control, reliability
Mary Smeal, PhD Lecturer
Anuradha Vadrevu Lecturer
Dongsheng Wu, PhD Associate Professor
Grant Zhang, PhD Associate Professor

Graph theory and combinatorics, combinatorical designs and optimizations, computational complexity, linear programming

Physics & Astronomy

Optics Building
Room 201 B
Huntsville, AL 35899


Colleen Oliver

Staff Assistant

Dora Wynn

Staff Assistant

NameTitleArea of SpecialtyContact
James Miller, PhD Professor and Chair, Director of ISEd Solar Physics
Max Bonamente, PhD Professor Astrophysics
Themistoklis Chronis, PhD   Clinical Assistant Professor
Lingze Duan, PhD Associate Professor Optics
Abdalla Elsamadicy, PhD Lecturer Solid State
Jack Fix, PhD Professor Emeritus  Astronomy
Don Gregory, PhD Distinguished Professor Optics
Richard Lieu, PhD Distinguished Professor Astrophysics
Richard Miller, PhD Professor Experimental Astrophysics
Seyed Sadeghi, PhD Associate Professor Optics
Ming Sun, PhD Associate Professor Astronomy
Carol Strong, PhD Lecturer Optics

Space Science

320 Sparkman Drive, Cramer Hall/NSSTC 2004
Huntsville, AL-35805


Beth Parker

Staff Assistant 

NameTitleArea of SpecialtyContact
Gary Zank, PhD Distinguished Professor and Chair Space Physics
Vladimir Florinski, PhD Associate Professor Space Physics
Jacob Heerikhuisen, PhD Associate Professor and Associate Chair Space Physics
Qiang Hu, PhD Associate Professor Space Physics
Jakobus le Roux, PhD Associate Professor Space Physics
Gang Li, PhD Associate Professor Space Physics
Nick Pogorelov, PhD Professor Space Physics
Rob Preece, PhD Associate Professor Astrophysics