Richard Lieu, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor, Physics and Astronomy


301 Sparkman Drive
Optics Building
Room 318
Huntsville, AL 35899
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Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Physics, Imperial College London, 1981
  • B.S., Physics, Imperial College, London, 1978

Recent Publications

  • "Exclusion of standard ?h!gravitons by LIGO observation", Lieu, R., 2018, CQG, 35,19LT02

  • "Photon Flux and Bunching Noise from Measurement of the Shot Noise Variance", Lieu, R., Stefszky, M., & Shi, C. -H., 2018, ApJ, 862, 51

  • "Does Light from Steady Sources Bear Any Observable Imprint of the DispersiveIntergalactic Medium?" Lieu, R., & Duan, L., 2018, ApJ, 853, 135

  • "Large scale density perturbations from a uniform distribution by wave transport", Lieu, R., 2017, JCAP, 11, 013

  • "Improvement in the Accuracy of Flux Measurement of Radio Sources by Exploiting an Arithmetic Pattern in Photon Bunching Noise", Lieu, R., 2017, ApJ, 844, 50

  • "The Role of Cerenkov Radiation in the Pressure Balance of Cool Core Clusters of Galaxies", Lieu, R., 2017, ApJ, 838, L5

  • "Are Fast Radio Bursts the Birthmark of Magnetars?" Lieu, R., 2017, ApJ, 834, 199

  • "Measuring the brightness of classical noise dominated light at the shot noise limit?" Lieu, R., & Kibble, T. W. B., 2015,arXiv:1409/7039

  • "A Method to Improve the Sensitivity of Radio Telescopes" Lieu, R., Kibble, T. W.B., & Duan, L., 2015, ApJ, 798, 67

  • "Large pre-inflationary thermal density perturbations", Lieu, R., & Kibble, T. W. B.,2013, MNRAS, 436, L1