Important Documents

Passed Policies

Policy TitleReceivedReturned
Academic Titles Policy - (Policy updated by Provost on 03/08/2016) 3/03/2015 02/18/2016
Librarian and Lecturer Policy 03/08/2016 10/20/2016
Online/Distance Education Learning Policy 07/29/2015 01/28/2016
Extension of Tenure Clock - (Personnel Committee voted against and recommended using handbook section 07/29/2015 10/15/2015
Modified Duties for Faculty - (Personnel Committee voted against and recommended using handbook section 7.1.1) 07/29/2015 10/15/2015
Communicable Disease Policy 07/29/2015


12/20/2020 Communicable Disease Final Version

12/21/2020 Response from Administration


Substantive Changes Policy 08/20/2015 11/19/2015
Emeritus Faculty Privileges 09/17/2015 11/19/2015
Faculty Separation Policy 09/17/2015 11/19/2015
Smoke and Tobacco-Free Policy 09/17/2015 12/15/2015
Sparkman Drive Electronic Message Board Policy 02/03/2016 02/25/2016
Indebtedness and Collection Policy 02/03/2016 02/25/2016
Use of Hoverboards and Similar Devices Policy 03/27/2016 10/20/16
Course Forgiveness and Repeat Policy 08/25/2016 05/04/2017
Use of University Facilities and Property Policy 08/25/2016 09/8/2016
Unmanned Aerial Systems Flight Operations Policy 08/25/2016 09/8/2016
Policy for the Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research 08/25/2016 04/20/2017
SSB Digital Visitor Signs 08/25/2016 09/8/2016
SSB Conference Center 08/25/2016 09/8/2016
Librarian Policy 05/16/2016 10/20/2016
Lecturer Policy 05/16/2016 10/20/2016
Second Bachelor's Degree Policy 11/23/2016 05/04/2017
Military Policy 03/09/2017 03/20/2017
Signature Approval Policy 03/02/2017


Response from Administration

IRB Policy 08/23/2016 05/04/2017
Librarian Policy 05/16/2016 05/04/2017
Overtime and Compensatory Time 8/25/2016 9/14/2017 - Declared Non-Governance
On-Call and Call-Back for Non-Exempt Employees 8/25/2016 9/14/2017 - Declared Non-Governance
Copyright Policy 8/25/2016 9/21/2017 - Passed under Resolution 17/18-02
Distribution of Income from Intellectual Property Proceeds 8/25/2016 9/21/2017 - Passed under Resolution 17/18-02
Patent Policy 9/13/2016 9/21/2017 - Passed under Resolution 17/18-02
CEU Reporting 9/17/2015 5/04/2017
Nepotism Policy 8/25/2016


1/10/2018 Response from Administration

Bicycle Policy 8/25/2016 10/19/2017
Online Privacy Statement Policy 10/11/2017 11/16/2017
Policy on Policies




6/18/2018 Response from Administration

Sexual Misconduct Policy 1/29/2018


Opinion from Senate to Administration

6/25/2018 Response from Administration

Child Protection Policy 1/29/2018


Opinion from Senate to Administration

6/18/2018 Response from Administration

Electronic Signature Rec'd in Revised Form 9/24/20 1/8/2020


"Revisions Recommended by Senate Nov. 19, 2020 Policy needs to add sentence to Section 3.2 that 'the University will provide faculty and staff with the required software to carry out digital signatures as needed"

02.01.51, Communicable Disease Policy (Jun 2020 rev.) 8/18/2020

Revisions Recommended by Senate Nov. 19, 2020

"Senate: policy needs certain narrowings/limitations in scope, such as on privacy issues, and needs more sufficiently constituted CDMT, with revising language attached".

Online Course Policy 10/3/2019 9/24/2020 After some initial hesitation about policy necessity, Faculty Senate voted it is better to have the policy than not have it."
Academic Misconduct Policy 8/20/2020 8/27/2020
Safety and Health Requirements for Presence on UAH Campus During COVID-19 8/20/2020 8/27/2020
Summer School Operations Policy 9/10/2020 1/21/2021
NCSARA 8/18/2020

Accepted by Senate 11/19/2020.

After some initial hesitation about policy necessity, Faculty Senate voted it is better to have the policy than not have it.

Gift Acceptance 12/10/2020

"Accepted as VP-A-amended via13 Nov textual addition to the In-Kind Gifts section. Senate acceptance date: Jan. 21, 2021."

Vehicle Safety Management Policy

Vehicle Safety Management Policy Tracking Form


Accepted by Senate on 2/25/2021 with the following recommendations:

(1) Creation of "UAH-owned Vehicle" ("UAH Vehicle") subcategory of "Vehicle", and  (2) Limiting applicability, such as limiting  Section II.G (Driving Restriction) to apply only to UAH Vehicles; limiting Section III.N to apply  to UAH Vehicles  and to (only) on-campus use of a Personal Vehicle Operated on UAH Business; and (c) limiting the second sentence of Section IX to apply to  "UAH Vehicle Driver" rather than to "Driver"


Security Camera and Video Surveillance

Security Camera and Video Surveillance Tracking Form



Accepted by the Senate 2/25/2021 with the following recommendations:

(1) Narrow def'n of Educational/Research Cameras OR exclude those from registration and audit, (2) Narrow def'n of on-campus residence "common areas", and (3) Refer to place in doc. where Cam. Admin. is defined


Policy on Policies Technical Revisions

Policy on Policies Tracking Form

12/08/2020 (Initial Form)

1/20/2021 (Final Form)

1/28/2021 Accepted by Senate - 

Suggestions:  (1) policy tracking form include IDs of UA/UAB considered policies and of related UAH policies and (2) prior versions of polices be placed on web in obsolete/archived polices area. 


Employee Occupational Injury Policy 12/03/2020

Unsatisfactory to Senate, in 2/25/2021 action. On-the-job injured parties should receive much more than just 2/3 of wages.

3/23/21 Administrative Response (Dated 3/18/21)

Use of Facilities 12/11/2020


Senate agreed subject to limitations to non-academic, non-research uses being stated in Sections A and F.

Use of Outdoor Areas of Campus 12/11/2020

03/11/2021 Senate Agreed

Payment Card Industry Compliance 3/30/2021 4/29/2021 Senate Agreed
 Electronic Signature Policy  1/13/2021-1/20/2021  Accepted by Senate 4/8/2021 with recommended addition in 3.2 about notification on sig. generator changes.
Tuition Assistance Policy (2021 Rev.) 4/20/2021 4/29/2021 Senate Agreed, with suggestion to except Library Lawn from coverage and to attach campus map to policy.
Academic Misconduct Policy 03/04/2021

 Accepted by Senate 4/8/2021 with 2 recommended changes (1) technical corrects. and (2) "with consent of the college faculty" in Def. A.

Service Animals Policy 6/19/2021

Conditionally accepted by Senate 7/9/2021, with Senate recommending:

       (1) Restriction of policy to buildings only, and

       (2) Updating "Pet" on page 2 to prohibit student pets in buildings (not property) (change indicated in linked document)