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Welcome to CSPAR

The Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research (CSPAR) at UAH is dedicated to fostering excellence in research and graduate education in the field of space science, from the furthest reaches of the universe to the boundaries of the heliosphere, to our Sun and the geospace environment.

CSPAR explores the role plasmas play in the universe and galaxy, stars, in space, and in planetary atmospheres. We used advanced theory, modeling and computation, observations and experiments to explore topics as diverse as cosmic and terrestrial gamma-ray flashes, the physics of the solar wind, the local interstellar medium, solar physics, and energetic particles. CSPAR has instrument development programs for both space-based and in-situ observations.

For Students

Are you a current or potential student at UAH and have an interest in space and research? Here at CSPAR, we're always encouraging people to get involved. Undergraduate students are able to get their hands on interesting projects, while graduate students also have opportunities to contribute to more theoretical and computational areas.

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Space Science / CSPAR Colloquium

Throughout the Fall Semester Space Science and CSPAR will be conducting a Colloquium. We invite both faculty and students to join us! Learn More about this event!