Photo of graduating students walking down university greenway

Our mission is to increase the number of students who realize their goal of graduation from UAH.

Schedule a meeting with an advocate if you are:

  1. A new student who wants to make a strong start at UAH.

    Your advocate will work with you to develop or refine the skills, habits, and tools you need to succeed at UAH and in life. Students find it useful to have a place to talk out questions about the purpose of their education, their future, and their experiences.

  2. Someone who sees potential to level up.

    An advocate may see possibilities you haven’t considered yet. We’ll assist you in naming your strengths, connecting interests to opportunities, and then creating a plan to deliver the results you seek.

  3. A new or returning student ready to work on strengthening your executive functioning skills.

    Time management, planning, prioritization, and procrastination are common priorities for students we meet. We can be an accountability partner as you develop and follow through on daily or weekly action plans.

  4. A current student who is looking to get back on-track.

    It may be a lower grade than you expected on an assignment, questions about whether you are in the right major, or personal circumstances that steer you to ASAP. Your advocate will debrief with you, connect you with campus or community resources, and meet with you regularly until you are more confident on your path forward.

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