College does not always align with our expectations or unfold in the ways that we planned.  You may be a first-generation student looking for a partner to help decipher this new environment, someone realizing that their expectations don't match their reality, or someone ready to make a change to how they study but unsure of where to start. To learn if working with an advocate is right for you, schedule a first meeting with any one of us.

Faculty and Staff

We encourage you to use the Charger 360 referral tool.  In your referral, you will have the option to select ASAP. For general inquiries about the support we can offer or if you would like to speak directly with an advocate, please call us at 256.824.2727 or email us at

Family and Friends

Our partners in the Dean of Students Office are available to discuss any general concerns you may have about your student's well-being.  You can reach them during normal business hours at 256.824.6700. In the case of an emergency, please call the University Police at 256.824.6596.  If you think that meeting with an advocate would be useful to your student, please contact us at (256) UAH-ASAP / (256.824.2727) or Our strong preference is to share who made the referral.