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What we do

  • Work 1:1 with undergraduate students to develop the skills, habits, and tools to be successful at UAH and in life
  • Coordinate support for students who may be off-track to graduation or facing complicated academic and personal circumstances
  • Advocate for all students by identifying common hurdles and sharing our analysis to inform outreach, practice, and policy.

Who We Work With

  • Our approach can work for any student, but you are most likely to hear from us if you are a new first-year student, a transfer student with first-year standing, someone who has withdrawn from a course, or a student whose grades suggest you are grappling with a challenge.
  • You will also hear from us if your advisor, faculty, or someone else who cares about your success thinks our model of regular 1:1 consulting will work for you.
  • But don’t wait to hear from us! You can introduce yourself by email, phone, stopping by, or scheduling an introductory meeting to see if ASAP is right for you.

What Students Have to Say

"ASAP has allowed me to track my progress over time in terms of getting work done and staying on top of things."

"I’ve changed by being able to work through my academic challenges by having someone, an advocate, to talk to and not just my parents."

"ASAP helped me by coming up with a plan for me to be able to get my grades up."

"ASAP has provided an invaluable source of support and comfort for me this semester. Due to personal issues, my semester did not go the way I wanted it to, but regularly meeting with ASAP made me feel that I was not alone, and that there were people who cared whether I succeeded in my academics or not."

"I’ve grown this semester by reaching out and getting more involved in campus life. I have been able to adapt and see I can succeed at UAH. The most valuable involvement with ASAP was being able to talk to someone who understands what I’m facing in college and being able to get guidance from my advocate."

How can we support you?

Schedule an introductory meeting to review your goals.