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What is your story? We are curious about you, what you value, how you learn, and where you want your education to take you.  Success isn't left to chance -- we seek to understand why UAH students succeed and how to support them best.

Belief in You

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You are the expert on you! We do not offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we will start with your strengths and build on what has worked for you in the past.  While we may make suggestions, it is up to you to choose if - and how - you want to move forward.

Straight Talk

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Expect us to be honest and no-nonsense in how we communicate.  We respect the effort it took to get here and what it will take to reach your goals. We forecast hurdles you might face and point out ways around them. We listen carefully and ask questions aimed at gleaning new insight.


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You are not alone at UAH.  We put our relationships with faculty, advisors, and staff around campus to work for you.  If we are not the right people to respond, we will introduce you to the person who is or schedule an appointment if we cannot reach them while you are here.


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If we refer you to someone else, we will follow up to make sure you find answers or support.  If something is not possible or the answer is no, we will explain why and work with you to develop an alternative path forward.