To adapt to the changing demands in healthcare, many organizations are searching for innovative approaches to continually improve their organization while providing quality healthcare. To address these challenges many are turning to proven continuous improvement methodologies found in lean thinking and lean operating systems. The University of Alabama in Huntsville has developed the UAH Lean Healthcare Program and provides education and lean healthcare deployment services to assist healthcare practitioners in the application of lean concepts within their organization. 


Von Braun Research Hall
UAH Lean Healthcare

Office for Operational Excellence
Von Braun Research Hall
301 Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, AL 35899



 What our customers are saying:


“The support provided by UAH Lean Healthcare staff and students enables Huntsville Hospital to increase efficiency and better serve its patients. The combination of training and implementation support is driving a change in culture to embrace the lean philosophy.”

– Jeff Samz, Huntsville Hospital COO




UAH Lean Healthcare is a solution of The Office for Operational Excellence